Problem Suggestion
Coffee doesn't come out
Brewed only partial carafe of coffee
  • Evaporation can occur over time so tank may need to be refilled.  See Initial Set-up Guide or Manual that came with your brewer.
  • Coffee grounds and filter absorb some water.  You may need to increase the amount of water you pour into the brewer.
Brew funnel is overflowing
  • Use BUNN paper filters.
  • Check to make sure the sprayhead is in place.
  • If you use decaffeinated, fine grind coffee or have soft water, you need a flow restrictor sprayhead.  Please contact our customer service department for a flow restrictor sprayhead at 1-800-352-BUNN(2866) or complete the Parts & Service form (click here).
Coffee is cold
  • Plug in brewer and turn on vacation switch on the side or back of the brewer.  Allow 15 minutes for water to heat to proper brewing temperature.
Coffee is not staying hot
  • Make sure warmer switch is in the ON position (NHB, GR, BX).
  • Pre-heat the thermal carafe (BT, ST). See Pre-Heating instructions in the Manual.
Loud rumbling noise
Water flow begins before lid is closed
  • Make sure lid is completely closed.
  • Brewer is not designed to hold water in the upper tray for extended periods of time.
  • Remove top lid to ensure rocker arm is in place and rubber stopper area is thoroughly cleaned.
Deliming tool doesn't go in all the way
Brewer leaks
  • Contact customer service at 800-352-BUNN (2866) or complete the Parts & Service form (click here).
  • Please be prepared with the model name of your coffeemaker and the date code located on the metal prongs of the plug, bottom, or back of your unit.