Problem Suggestion
Brew Button Flashes Red


Brew Button is Red
  • Your machine is brewing.  Press the Brew Button again to stop the brew process.

Indicator Light is Green
  • Water is hot and ready to brew.
Indicator Light is Red
  • Water is heating.

Indicator Light Flashes Red
  • The Brew Button was pressed but the water is heating.  Wait for the Indicator Light to turn green and press the Brew Button again.

Indicator Light Flashes Green
  • Add water: NOTE: Make sure that a cup is positioned on the Drip Tray under the Pod Drawer prior to pushing Brew Button.
  • If water with low mineral content such as distilled water is used, the sensors may not
    detect the water. Tip the brewer to drain the water out of the Pour-In Bowl and add tap
    water, drinking water or bottled water with a higher mineral content. Refer to page 3 of your Use and Care Manual for more information on water used for brewing.

Indicator Light Flashes Red and Green
  • Drawer is not fully inserted. Press in the Drawer to lock into place.

Water is not exiting Drawer
  • Make sure brewer is plugged into a working outlet.
  • Make sure brewer is filled with water. The Hot Water Tank needs to be filled to begin brewing (Indicator Light will flash green). See Initial Setup on page 3 of the Use and Care Manual.
  • Make sure Drawer is fully inserted (the Indicator Light will alternately flash red and green if the Drawer is not fully inserted).
  • If Indicator Light flashes red, brewer is heating water to proper brew temperature in approximately 2 minutes. When the light is green, press Brew Button.
  • Press Brew Button to begin brew (Brew Button will be illuminated).
Pulse Button is Red
  • The Pulse option is activated. Press the Pulse Button again to deactivate.
Brewer doesn’t turn on
  • Make sure brewer is plugged into a working outlet.
  • Press Brew Button to begin brew (Brew Button will be illuminated).
Takes too long to brew
  • Mineral deposits may be present in your brewer. See Deep Cleaning and Cleaning the Sprayhead in the Use and Care Manual (pg 10).
Brewer only brews water
  • Make sure coffee or tea is in the Drawer.
Water speed varies during brew
  • The Pulse Brew Button has been pressed. During the brew, water flow will vary to properly steep tea or for stronger coffee.
Water leaks out around the Sprayhead
  • The Sprayhead may be clogged, loose or the Seal may be damaged. Please refer to Cleaning the Sprayhead, Reassembling the Sprayhead/Seal and Inspecting the Sprayhead Seal in the Use and Care Manual (pg 11).
The Drawer will not come out of the brewer
  • At the end of a brew cycle some pressure may remain trapped in the Drawer. Wait 10 minutes for the pressure to drop and try carefully removing the Drawer again.
I wish my beverage was stronger
  • Pod should be fully seated in Pod Drawer cavity for maximum flavor extraction.
  • The amount of water used for brewing may be too large for the weight of coffee used. Try using a heavier pod, more ground coffee, or less water.
  • Try a finer grind for your coffee if brewing with the Ground Coffee Drawer.
  • Try using the Pulse Button to extend the water to coffee contact time. NOTE: Pulse Brew is the recommended setting when brewing with the Ground Coffee Drawer.
Water leaks out around a Drawer

Inspect the seal near the Sprayhead on the brewer for damage and foreign material.

Cup Drawer

  • Inspect the top and bottom Piercing Nozzles and Seals on Cup Drawer to ensure they are in place and not damaged.

Ground Coffee Drawer

  • Make sure you have not overfilled the Ground Coffee Drawer. (Maximum 20 grams)
  • Make sure grounds are only in the bowl of the Grounds Coffee Drawer.
  • Inspect Top Seal near the Top Screen of Ground Coffee Drawer to ensure it is in place and free of damage. Pod Drawer
  • Make sure the pod is fully inserted in the Pod Drawer cavity.
Off taste is detected
  • Perform Basic Cleaning and Deep Cleaning on page 10 of the Use and Care Manual.
  • Remove used coffee or tea from Drawer after each brew. Do not leave used coffee or tea in the Drawer for extended periods of time.