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How do I get help placing an order on the site? If you are having difficulties placing an order on the site store, please send us an email at Please be sure to include your phone number in the email.
Why is the Initial Set-up of my Velocity Brew different than other machines? The Velocity Brew is a unique system that uses an internal hot water tank to hold water at the correct brewing temperature. This means that the brewer has special set-up instructions that are different than any other coffee maker you've owned before.
How do I drain my coffee brewer? Unplug the brewer, place an empty decanter on the warmer plate and pour cold water through to lower the water temperature. Wait 15 minutes for brewer to cool. Remove the glass decanter and filter basket from the coffee brewer. Remove the sprayhead (the round disk above the brew funnel) by turning counterclockwise. Grasp the brewer and carefully turn it upside down over a sink. Most of the water in the tank will flow from the sprayhead opening but some water may flow from the area around the top lid. Continue tipping the brewer until the flow of water ceases. Reinstall the sprayhead when all of the water has drained from the brewer. Securely tighten it by turning clockwise. DO NOT plug in until you repeat Initial Brewer Set-Up Instructions.