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Perfect coffee fast! | 11/28/13


Long gone are the days of waiting for those old slow drip brewers. When you need a cup of joe, you need it now, and Bunn delivers. I don't know how they do it, but the coffee is hot and perfect every time. Even bad coffee tastes ok through these machines. I've owned my VB NHB brewer for a few years now, and am buying another simply because my kitchen remodel is calling for a different color. We have a Bunn commercial thermal unit at the office, and continue to be impressed by how long it stays hot without a warmer (also nice that we don't have to remember to turn anything off), but the home Velocity brewers are the perfect tool for any daily at-home drinker. I can't say enough great things about this product, this company, or their customer service.

Bunn is the ONLY way to brew! | 6/23/11


We've owned a bunn (and I bought one for work, too) for many years and wouldn't have it any other way! Back in the day we thought that the timer on Mr. Coffee was a GREAT feature for having coffee ready when we woke up, but who needs a timer when it only takes two and a half minutes to brew a full pot? Also, customer service can't be beat and that would definitely be a deal breaker for us - even as loyal as we are to Bunn!

Love my BUNN | 6/4/11

I picked this coffee make a couple years ago after beinbg without a Bunn for several years. I had forgot how good Bunn coffe is. The new one works great and doesn't burn my coffee.

I Love my Bunn!!! I wouldnt | 6/3/11


I Love my Bunn!!! I wouldnt have anything else. Also the people at Bunn are the Best!!!

Bunn has a great coffee | 6/3/11


Bunn has a great coffee maker. All you have to do is add the water for the required cups and in 30 seconds you have a cup of great coffee. There is no way to get that cup any faster than the BUNN way...Bunn also has a great warranty program. The people at BUNN are very nice and try very hard to work with any problems that come up...

cost of new home coffee maker | 5/16/11

Ihave a bun coffeemaker i got in 2007 it turns breaker off in my kitchen would it be able to be fixed// /

It's perfect | 5/13/11


It's fast, coffee taste great. Looks sharp. Thanks Bunn