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Bunn slows down to @30 minutes per carafe | 4/15/12


We had an older version of the same Bunn sold today; it brewed fast till the day calcium finally killed it. The new Bunn with the internal water release valve has ruined the Bunn speed. No matter how many times you rod the pipes and clean the spray aperture, the Bunn slows down to @30 minutes per carafe. Until Bunn fixes this flaw, I'd recommend buying another brand.

I finally got one, but after 2 years, it leaks from the bottom, | 1/12/12


I haven't figured out why it does that yet. Like most coffee makers I have had, the top started to pop up, but I was able to put it back in to position. Good thing with this is I haven't burnt it out yet, like I do all my other coffee makers I have owned. But now, if we make more than 1 pot at a time consecutively, like if I have company and need to brew 2 or more back to back, I end up with a pool of water on my counter. Why is that? I will more likely buy another one sometime down the road, but I cannot afford to at this time, and I have always wanted one. Keeping fingers crossed it lasts until I can get another.

This is my 3rd Bunn. It has | 11/3/11

This is my 3rd Bunn. It has lasted 10 years. The first lasted 8 years, and the 2nd lasted atleast 5 and was still working when I moved. I do not use cleaning products on the bunn, just standard dishsoap and water, it has discolored a little around heating plate, but still works like a charm...

Wears Out Prematurely | 10/23/11

We love the convenience of having hot water always available for brewing coffee or tea. Having used Bunn coffee makers since the 1980's, we find that something usually fails after two or three years. The most common problem is the plastic around the sprayhead becomes brittle and breaks away. Other problems experienced include: Failed warmer, failed heater, and leaking tank.

Another problem is that if you grind coffee beans, the slower passing of hot water down through the grounds and filter causes grinds and water to overflow the filter basket making a huge mess. Even when using commercially ground coffee, making a full pot can cause the grinds to overflow the paper filter and they end up in the carafe and the cup you are drinking from.

Bunn is cracking and breaking | 7/18/11


I would have given an AWESOME 5 star rating had it not been for the cracking around the sprayhead & wamer just as kebrfd02 stated. The plastic began cracking approx. a month after purchase, eventually a 1" size piece broke off around the warming plate. Does not affect the flavor of coffee, just looksREALLY bad!!! Today I discovered the cracking around the sprayhead. Hoping no chunks break off around there!!! Owned 3 or 4 Bunns over a couple of decades, and we love them. Great coffee, just lousy plastic housing!!!

lisa@bunn (not verified)
lindy4849 - Reply | 7/19/11

Please give us a call so we can get this issue corrected for you.

Got mine back in 1985 + or - a year | 7/15/11


Still running strong !!! coffee starting to get too hot going to replace temp controll, Wish I bought two!!!



Only reason not AWSOME is because the plastic keeps cracking around sprayhead & wamer. Doesnt effect the great coffee, just a little ugly.

lisa@bunn (not verified)
kebrfd02 - Reply | 6/9/11

The cracking that you are describing doesn't sound normal. Can you please give our customer service team a call and see if they can help out? They can be reached at 800-352-2866 Monday-Friday from 7am to 5pm. Or you can send them your info and details about your brewer to

I really like the way this | 5/7/11

I really like the way this Bunn makes coffee. I have had it for several years and if I had to replace it. It will be with another Bunn.