Velocity Brew BX

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Try another brand | 1/25/14


Just when the warranty ended the coffee maker failed completely. We take great care of it and don't use it too hard. Bunn said they'd give us $20 off a new machine from their site. I can get a discount that small online anywhere.
They've set there warranty for the short time period that the coffee maker works then entice you to buy another only to have it fail just outside the warranty as well.
Coffee makers this expensive should last longer. I'll buy something else from now on. Search the net, you'll find countless accounts that read just the same as this.

New info Regarding leaking problem | 1/20/14


As I had stated in a previous review, I loved the coffee but hated the leaking problem.

Since Bunn did offer a discount for a new coffee pot I decided to go ahead and order another one and keep my old one that I had fixed for a spare.

Upon receiving the new Velocity Brew BX I decided I was going to take measures to insure that this leaking problem would likely not reoccur again with this new pot by fixing it before it breaks. Upon removal of the top cover I could see that this one was a little different than the past two Bunn coffee makers I had owned. The plastic upper reservoir is much more insulated from the heat of the lower reservoir by the use of a silicone bushing that thick enough to significantly separate the two reservoirs and there is on longer a metal tube that connects the upper and lower reservoirs. This metal connection that was used on the old bun coffee makers transferred the heat directly to the upper reservoir where it deteriorated the plastic around it. I am proud of bun for trying to fix this problem. This is the kind of fix that I was looking for and the same thing I accomplished when I repaired my old coffee maker. I assume this change was made in all of the models that were affected but can only speak for the Velocity Brew BX. If Bunn wanted to send me other models I would be glad to check them out and review them for you, but I won't hold my breath on that one.

Thanks Bunn for taking steps to remedy this problem that has plaged us Bunn customers for a long time now.

Just for the record I timed the second pot of coffee I made and the stream coming out of the filter basket slowed to a drip at 2min 50sec and had nearly quit dripping at 3min 6sec. Excellent job.

I think I'll have another cup of coffee.

Love the coffee!! Hate the leaking problem | 12/23/13


I have owned two of these. Both developed a leak from the upper reservoir while brewing coffee. I see this is a common problem from one to five years of use. Not wanting to buy a new machine, I took it apart and saw that I was in need of a new upper reservoir as the plastic around the bolt that the water drains through was breaking down (probably from being in constant contact with the hot water reservoir). Since you cannot buy this part separately I used a food grade silicone to seal the top side. The ten minute fix lasted for a long time before it started leaking again. This time I discovered that the plastic had further deteriorated and caused it to start leaking again. This time I enlarged the hole in the plastic removing all the deteriorated plastic which removed all the flat part on the bottom and the bottom 1/8" of the edge of the funnel shaped part. I again used silicone rated for food contact on the outside of the funnel and enough to make a completely new bottom for it. After drying I made a hole in the middle of the new silicone bottom, placed the washer on the bolt that the water drains through and reassembled it. Problem solved for less than five dollars.

Even if a new machine would last 5 years I believe this is enough of a known problem that Bunn should fix this issue. I love Bunn coffee makers, just wish they would solve this problem. I guess if they did though the coffee maker might last 20 years. That might make it hard to sell as many of them, however everyone would recommend them without having to say but it will probably on last from about 1 to 5 years. I am past the warranty period as I chose to fix it myself the first time, but Bunn still offered a decent discount on a new machine.

I have a solution that would probably not cost them but $2 per machine, but I don't know if they want to fix them or not.

unit is leaking. | 12/20/13


I got a unit for a gift and after the warranty expired it started leaking all over my counter. Looking at the reviews this is a known problem. I had a Mr coffee and had it for 10 years. NO PROBLEMS for 10 years at 1/4 the cost. Was told by customer support that they will send me a 40 dollar coupon to buy a new unit on their web site. It seems to me that the company should do more since this looks like a common problem with the Bunn units. My unit is not repairable according to customer support. So instead of being able to purchase a 5 dollar seal they want me to spend over 100 dollars for a new unit. BACK TO MR COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!

The Best Coffeemaker that I have ever bought | 4/24/13


I've had this coffeemaker for 6 months now and no problems at all. A very nice taste cup of coffee and hot too. The only thing is that you have to wait 15 minutes for the water to warm up, but that's okay. If you want a great coffeemaker and cup of coffee then I would tell you to buy this one.

Last Bunn I had lasted 8 years | 2/13/13


This is a replacement for a similar model I purchased in 2004. The only reason I think the original one died is due to the hard water in my area. Always have been very happy with these little guys. They blow away Mr. Coffee and all of the other plastic crap out there that look good but produce the worst coffee. I'm hoping this new Bunn lasts as long as the original

I originally bought my Bunn | 6/5/12


I originally bought my Bunn from Ebay, the first one I ever owned. It served me for about 3 years when it started to leak from the reservoir so I contacted Bunn customer service to order a new part only to be told that a recall had been made with the model I had. They provided a box for return shipping at their expense for a repair. A few days later I recieved a brand new coffee maker that was 4 years ago and I have never had a problem since.
I started using reverse osmosis filtered water and ever since I did I have never had to clean or de-lime the machine. I can say that ever since I started using this coffee maker I will never go back to your typical coffee maker. I'm a Bunn user for life now and the customer support is second to none. Only wish other manufacturers of any product backed their product as well as Bunn does!

I swear by this coffee maker! | 5/9/12


We have been brewing with one of these coffee makers since the mid-90s and have only needed to replace it once. Actually, I we had bothered to contact Bunn online we probably would still be using the same model! After 10 years of loyal service it was leaking way too bad. We replaced it in 2005 with the GR-10 model and got a BX-B model when the need for two coffee makers arose! That's my problem! I took it camping and somehow lost the black plastic coffee basket! I will contact Parts & Service to see if I can get a replacement. Keep up the great work and the fantastic service!

Awesome coffee maker | 10/21/11

Our first one lasted about 5 years and developed the dreaded leaking seal at the top of the tank, on mine it was the plastic around the opening into the tank from the cold water reservoir that cracked so an O'ring would'nt have fixed it. After seeing where it failed i realized it was probably due to moving the coffee maker around by grabbing the top rather than at the base. I was not able to get the required parts to fix it so i bought another one. Only this time we bought the model with the stainless carafe and it only lasted a couple of years and never did brew fast like the first one did. So my next one will be like this and i will make sure to move it around by grabbing the base and not the top so i dont create a leak by breaking the plastic ;)

LEAK LEAK LEAK | 10/10/11

I have had 2 of these machines and they will not even last 1 year. After 8-10 months they just leak like crazy from the overflow holes and I spend most of my time cleaning up the water off the counter top. I have cleaned it regularly and use only filtered water in it and still it just LEAKS When it was new I loved the 3 minute coffee and it was always hot but now water everywhere and the tank is rusting internally. I wish I could just get a GOOD QUALITY machine. I thought spending more money meant getting a quality product.


This is only my second Bunn and have been using this model for 30+ yrs. Mine just started leaking a bit, but with new gasket it will be fine. BEST COFFEE POT IN THE WORLD & ONLY ONE THAT IS READY IN 3 MINUTES. Cannot deal with other pots, no matter the brand or how expensive they are. Our coffee is always the best tasting and is always ready in 3 minutes or less. LOVE THIS PRODUCT NOW & FOREVER!

Excellent coffee maker | 9/29/11

Coffee maker is used on a daily basis. Came with a 3 year warranty. This is the 3rd Bunn coffeemaker I have owned. This one is now 5 years old. Previous ones usually lasted about 5 years or so, then the water tank would develop a leaking seal. I use it to make coffee, and also just to get hot water to make tea or instant hot cocoa. I love the Bunn coffeemakers because they brew a full pot of coffee (or hot water) in less than 3 minutes. The only think I do not like about them, and did not rate it as 5 stars, is that they tend to develop a leaking gasket after about 5 years (I would expect a $100 coffee maker to last longer than 5 years).

**** | 9/29/11

Had a problem with the seal & received a replacement when I complied to the required answers & return of the old one. No problem with the replacement for a year now.

Velocity Brew BX | 9/20/11

Good coffee maker. Quality over the years has gone down. The last 3 I've owned I can't get much over a year out of them. The one I'm using now leaks from the top tank when its brewing coffee. I took it apart and the seal is bad and the top of the stainless steel tank is rusted.

Velicity Brew BX | 9/9/11


Great coffe! It did break after 2+ years and BUNN sent a new one, no questions asked. Great service!

Not just for coffee! | 6/14/11


Place 4 family size tea bags(for a gallon pitcher of tea) flat in the basket add water just like you was making a pot of coffee. Hot tea in 3-4 minutes then add sugar right after you brew it if you want sweet tea. Just make sure you rinse the basket and pot out before you make the tea.

Replacement Parts? | 6/14/11

Why can't we order replacement parts? My Bunn just needs a simple gasket/o-ring to be fixed and all I can find is part lists for commercial products on the web site. I love my Bunn coffee maker and wouldn't trade it for any other brand. I just don't see the concept of spending $100+ for a new machine when the part I need is probably only about $1-2. I understand most people just toss them in the trash and go buy a new unit. No doubt these are the best coffee makers/brewers in the world! I have traveled the globe and usually can't wait to get back home to my Bunn coffee maker. When we go camping or traveling it gets packed in our vehicle/luggage before my suitcase. It has been to more states and campgrounds then most people. Buy only fresh whole beans and grind them to suit your taste for the best coffee on the planet. (Starbucks House Blend)

Bunn Model B10Series | 6/7/11


I love my Bunn coffeemaker, it is very fast, works great, dependable and brews a great cup of coffee and tea. I use it several times daily. I will definitely purchase an other if something happens to this one. This is my third Bunn in 45 years.

Coffee Fast | 6/5/11


The best coffee maker on the planet maybe in the universe. Ten cups of coffee in 3-4 minutes, the best thing to happen to mornings since sunrise. You also have the best customer service and product support arouind. Will never own any other machine.

Coffee Fast | 6/5/11

The best coffee maker on the planet, maybe in the universe. Ten cups of coffee in 3-4 minutes, the best thing to happen to the morning since the sunrise. You also have the best customer service and product support around. Will never own any other machine.

Bx-B | 5/26/11


My first purchase when I bought my house was a Bunn coffee maker,it lasted ten years,we went several different brands over the next few years before my wife got me a BX-B coffee maker for Christmas several years back. I shan't ever buy any other brand again

Coffee not hot enough. | 5/24/11

We sent back our Capresso and our Cuisinart grinder/brewers due to not hot enough coffee. We then tried a Zojurushi maker only and sent it back- yep- not hot enough. We are now ready to try our Technivorm maker to see if it is hot enough. It does not even have a program.
I also wanted to comment on the Composting article. When the compost is brewing, it grows warm, then hot. When the compost is ready to use, there are small worms that make what becomes the true compost- worm excrement. It is uniform reddish-brown, soft, no lumps and totally useful. At the time the wroms arrive there is no smell, and all is calm and warm in the compost pile. More like two years than two months as stated in the article.

This is a great coffee maker but!!!!! | 5/24/11


The plastic container that you poor water in will deterate and water will leak out before it makes it to the water tank.