Velocity Brew BT

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Disappointed | 6/13/14


This is my 3rd Bunn Coffee Maker. My first one lasted 12 years. My 2nd 8 years. This one only lasted about 16 months. After the first 3 months it stopped keeping the coffee warm in the carafe. This morning the heating element stopped heating the water.

I guess I will have to find another brand of coffee maker. I like the speed of the Bunn, but $169.99 is too much to spend for 16 months of fast coffee.

Simply The Best Machine For Drip Coffee | 6/1/14


I've owned this coffeemaker for over 10 years. We make 4 pots of coffee a day in my household. Sometimes more. It's without a doubt the best and fastest machine in my collection in the past 3 decades. The only thing I've ever done to it is run some Brew Rite through it every couple of years or so and use the included flexible de-liming tool. For those that have complained about the pot not having measuring marks I say it's intentional. You do not want to pour water in this machine and not have a pot under it. That's asking for a disaster. I bought a Bunn plastic pitcher that does the job nicely.

I've owned Mr Coffee, Krups, De'Longhi and Cuisinart just to name a few. I'm really looking forward to seeing just how long this Bunn will take me before I buy my next one.

BT 10 | 1/30/14


I have had a BT10 for 12 years. It recently started to leak. I called customer service to see if it was worth trying to repair. I was told they would send me a repair kit free of charge. I thought it would take a while to receive the kit so I went to a local dealer and purchased a new one. The kit arrived in a few days. My husband made the needed repair and it now works beautifully. A coffee pot that has lasted 12 years is A number one in my opinion. Bunn's customer service matches that!

Great coffee maker | 4/16/12


If you love drinking coffee every morning like I do, this is the coffeemaker to have in your kitchen. It brews the coffee at the perfect temperature giving a great taste. The coffee stays warm for approximately an hour. I usually drink more than one cup.

I initially was reluctant to buy it because I didnt want to spend a lot of money on a coffeemaker. It is pricey. But I have to say that it doesnt compare with those $30-$50 coffeemakers you find in your local store.

Disappointed! | 3/7/12


I couldn't buy anything I thought would be as good as Bunn locally, so ordered on line. It came about a week ago. It does - as promised - produce delicious hot coffee in about 3 minutes and the thermal pot is nice. HOWEVER, first, there are no markings on either the pot or the machine itself to indicate the number of cups of water one should add to make, say, less than a full pot. I had to find an old pitcher and mark it with a Sharpie for 20 oz (4, 5 oz cups), 6 cups, 8 cups and 10 cups for my own convenience. 10 cups is a full pot so that one's easy of course. Second, if the basket isn't exactly in the right position, the counter is sprayed with hot water and grounds. It seems to be in the right position - but not quite! This pot is not worth $169. The two problems encountered are just poor, sloppy engineering.

Love my Bunn BT | 1/27/12


It makes great coffee fast! The only downfall is the carafe, but I have owned one of these before so use my old style carafe with my new BT. Maybe others who don't like this carafe can go to ebay and see if someone is selling their old style carafe. I have read some complaints about being noisy when heating water, I only have this trouble in the winter time when the water from the tap is extra cold, but its not noisy enough for me to give up consistant great coffee brewed fast!!! Customer service is great to deal with if you have problems. They are friendly and take care of things fast! Great customer service and GREAT COFFEE FAST has made me a Bunn owner for life! The star rating wouldn't let me click it, but I give it FIVE STARS!!!!!

Velocity Brew BT | 1/23/12


We have had our Bunn now for two months and it is the best coffee maker we have ever used. It makes coffee quick and keeps it hot for up to 4 hours. I would recommend this Bunn to any one looking for a great coffee maker.

Bunn Thermal Coffeemaker | 11/1/11

I have previously owned Bunn coffeemakers and have been completely satisfied with the results. This model, however, is very disappointing and I have decided after the purchase of $159.00 to discontinue using it. As noted in several other reviews, this so-called "thermal" coffeemaker is a joke. The coffee pours all over the counter when serving creates a puddle of coffee and the coffee does not stay hot as advertised. I actually have to heat my coffee in the microwave after pouring a cup (about 10 minutes). I would not recommend this product for any family with children, as the risk of burn is apparent. I will trash this model and spend the money to buy the model without the thermal carafe. I certainly wish I had read some of these reviews before deciding to purchase this model. I have faith in Bunn and have enjoyed other coffeemakers, but this one should be discontinued immediately.

Velocity | 9/29/11

I have had this brewer for about 5 years and i couldn't live without it . If something should go wrong , i would get another . I have waited for 25 minutes at a friends house for coffee , thats just wrong ! I haven't got all day to wait for the "Mister" brand , my Bunn is priceless !

works great | 9/29/11

We have owned ours for about 10yrs , living in the country with high mineral content I have to take it apart and clean about every 6 months. I ran into a problem and could not find a part or cleaning implements. I calles Bunn and they sent the part or impl. to us at n/c .
we had the maker at least 5yrs at that time.
Thank Bunn

Bunn won't supply parts | 9/21/11

I have a Bunn BTX (previous model) that's now about 5 years old. I've generally been pleased with it (even though pouring the first cup or two of a fresh pot is always an adventure) and have recommended Bunn to others many times.

As we live in an area with fairly high mineral content in the water, regular cleaning is not sufficient to keep up with the mineral buildup. I have discovered that minerals build up in the tube that passes water between the water reservoir and the heated tank, necessitating removal of the upper reservoir and cleaning of the tube about every 2-3 months.

While I am getting quite adept at disassembling and reassembling the coffee maker, there appear to be sealing issues between the two tanks. There doesn't appear to be any damage to the silicone seal that fits on top of the heated water tank, yet it takes 2-4 days (and pots of coffee) before it seems to fully seal. Until then, water leaks out of the coffee maker each time it is used - this is not only inconvenient but potentially damaging to our kitchen cabinets.

I went into my local service depot, and they told me Bunn will not ship the silicone seal to them. I contacted Bunn directly to obtain the part, and they tell me they won't ship the part I need due to safety regulations and Bunn policy. They offered me a trade-in option for a replacement machine.

Other manufacturers make parts available, so I figure this is just a cash grab on the part of Bunn - unacceptable.

BTX-B | 9/1/11


I've owned Bunn's in the past, lost my last one in divorce. So just had to get a new one!
They are Awesome!

BTX-B Velocity Brew? ThermoFresh | 7/7/11


I loved my coffee maker.....until my deployment. I drained it, cleaned it, unplugged it and stored it like the manual suggested (I even called service department to make sure I did it by the recommended procedure). Came home, filled it, brewed my first pot and water went everywhere. It leaks out the bottom side of the upper container....three seperate streams of water...left, right and back center. My Carafe now leaks when I pour the coffee... I am sure its from storing for a year in the upper garage I just can't justify going out and paying another $170.00 when I am the only one who drinks coffee in the house now.

New Bunn not working properly | 6/27/11


After our old Bunn fineally quit making the water hot after about 8 years, we decided it was time to retire it. We couldn't afford a new one at that time, but have been through at least six different coffee makers since then and decided to take the plunge and buy a new Bunn. However, it doesn't brew well. We fineally realized that the white plastic spike that is supposed to be pushed down by the lid to open the drain door wasn't being consistently pushed down by the door and that the door itself was actually a bit bowed....maybe the store left the load in the heat or something, but anyway, we cut a pencil eraser off, dug a hole in it, and jammed on the top of the white spike. The door doesn't close well now, but the water drain door opens and makes the coffee like it's supposed to.

Only The Best Coffee Brewer | 6/3/11


Once you go Bunn, you won't go back! Hey, it's a fact. We're on our 3rd Bunn since 1991. Yes they last that long. And everyone that you treat to coffee that doesn't have one, will remark on the great taste of the brew.

Thermo Brew | 6/3/11


This is my third Bunn of the velocity type (25 years of being a Bunn customer). The previous model had a problems with the carafe leaking when pouring the coffee. This new one is much better and the carafe is excellent. I make approximately 20 pots of coffee each week. This Thermo Brew makes consistently excellent coffee quickly and requires almost no maintenance because I use distilled water only. It is excellent.

BTX-B | 6/2/11


Bit the bullet and paid the price ($200 CDN) for this machine because I demand the best coffee and was unimpressed by the cheap consumer brands I saw in the stores. Reviews on BUNN products seem to be mixed but figured (hoped) I was making the right choice--sight unseen since no local retailers carried them. So, this is my second day with my BUNN and I think I"m falling in love. A little reserved about the idea of the hot water tank operating all the time but quickly getting over that because the machine's design seems well thought out and I'm making better and better coffee with every pot. One criticism though. Why in the world doesn't this excellent steel carafe have a cup measurement scale etched on the inside wall? I expect there is a good reason or BUNN would have done that.

no cup measurements in steel carafe | 6/14/11

I am on my 3rd Bunn coffeemaker, obviously I love them or I wouldn't keep replacing them with new Bunns after they die. However, I too am disappointed that there are no cup measurements on the inside of the steel carafe. I guess they assume I will make a full pot every time b/c it will stay warm in the carafe however, I only drink about a 1/2 pot before going to work and will not make a full pot with the rise of coffee prices just to pour it down the drain.

Leaky pot with cold coffee | 5/16/11

I thought we had a good machine.. the coffee comes out hot ..but the pot lets it get cold in less than a half hour- even with "pre-heating the pot with hot water". The pot has always dripped all over the place.....really need a better design & you can send me a new carafe that might do better than the junk one we have..jManke

lisa@bunn (not verified)
MRSJMANKE - Reply | 5/16/11

Thanks for your review. We do have a redesigned carafe that I think will resolve this issue and get you back to enjoying delicious, hot coffee without drips. Please either call our customer service team at 800-352-2866 or send us your info at the following link

Velocity Brew BT | 5/6/11

I bought my "Stainless Steel BUNN Thermo Fresh Brewer" shortly after I had a serious brain injury. I kept burning myself on my "traditional" coffee pot. This brewer is insulated, and "cool" to the touch! I can even set my pot directly on the table. The cost was more than I've ever paid but "well worth it." Thank You Bunn for this great design!! I give it 2 thumbs up and most definately a 6 star "awesome" rating!