Velocity Brew ST

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Color is not Black | 1/2/14


Potential buyers beware - this coffee maker is NOT black in color, it is a light/medium grey. Unforturnately the actual color of this machine is not made clear and looks black in most pictures (never seen a grey Bunn until this one). The light/medium grey color does not match any kitchen appliance I have ever owned and it looks very out of place in our kitchen. We will be returning this product for a Bunn of 'lesser style' that is actually black in color to match our existing appliances. Again, this color combination is odd and does not look as attractive in person as it does in pictures where it appears to be black on stainless.

I cannot comment on the operation of this unit as we will be returning to vendor.

Bunn - Please indicate on your website description this product is grey, not black.

Excellent! | 5/13/13


For those who believe a home coffee maker can't brew a good cup of coffee, Bunn is the answer! Next to a coffee press, this is the real deal. We enjoy our ST and especially like the thermal carafe. It brews coffee fast, but tastes great. Goodbye to the days of brown colored water tasting half like weak coffee (no matter how much you put in to brew) and half like cardboard. We grind our beans per-pot brewed and in just over two years of ownership, have yet to be let down with either flavor, performance or quality of construction. The wife and I are impressed! We bought one for my parents who love theirs and were going to buy one for the wife's parents, but after the glowing review we gave them, the beat us to it and bought one before we could for them. They are very happy with theirs as well.
I don't get to say so may good things about many products these days and even feel good about saying them, but so far, this Bunn coffee maker has been great.

Dead after only three years! | 4/30/13


My ST Coffeemaker stopped heating the water after just three years! Expect better quality and longevity from BUNN - especially when the unit costs $200!

Missing important feature | 12/28/11


This is a $200 appliance (list). You can't afford seven cents for a proper indicator light?? It should be red when the unit is on but the water is heating, then turn green when it's hot. How else do you know when to brew the next pot when you have to do several in a row. Another example of the indifferent design that people do these days. If you don't know how, I do. It's simple.

I love my Bunn | 9/29/11

I purchased my Velocity Brew ST a couple of years ago. I was looking for a coffee maker that had a thermos pot to keep my coffee hot rather then burn it in 5 minutes. I came across this coffee maker and read the reviews and decided that this was the one. When I received it I couldn't believe how big it was but got used to it's size. I bought one of those sliding counter shelves so I could pull it out away from our kitchen cabinet to fill it. It works great.
From my first pot I was in "love". I purchase my coffee beans online in 5 lb bags and grind the beans each morning. It only takes 3 minutes before I am able to pour my first cup of fresh perfectly brewed cup of coffee. The secret is keeping the water at the perfect brewing temperature. Some reviewers here have been concerned that they are "wasting" energy. Well they can look at it that way if they want, but I have reached a stage in my life where I think I can afford and deserve this "minor" luxury. Some people have their gas guzzling fancy cars, I have my Bunn.
I grind my coffee very fine and noticed that the coffee in the filter was almost over flowing, so I went to the Bunn website and requested the sprayer that restricts the flow somewhat - problem solved and the sprayer and postage was free. The service at Bunn is friendly and exceptional. This is a great company and their products (can only speak to the Velocity Brew ST) is great! I highly recommend the Velocity Brew ST.

After our first Bunn with a | 6/4/11


After our first Bunn with a glass pot we thought we'd try a new model.This is our second Bunn coffe maker with a insulated carafe. We keep one in the camper and one in the kitchen. My husband can't say enough about how quickly it brews and how fresh it stays. This new style has a little issue with a water leak around the storage tank. Any suggestions?

You just can't beat Bunn coffee! | 6/3/11


This is our second Bunn coffeemaker. The first one was a very basic model, which I had for about 8 years. Trying to save money, I went with a very disappointing inexpensive model for almost 5 years, but longed for the taste of coffee made with the Bunn brand.

We tried buying expensive gourmet coffees to 'up' the quality, but after getting the Bunn STX, we went back to JUST regular because it tasted SOOOOO good, just as I remembered! And yes, ok, this one might take a MINUTE longer to brew than the old Bunn, but the 'other brand' took 12-13 minutes!

LOVE the new carafe, it pours without spilling, and I can finally have one that won't get chipped or break like a glass one. I was surprised just how well-insulated it was. My husband has liked this machine SO much, he prefers to make the coffee himself now most of the time, he never believed even he could make coffee easily as good as mine! (Frankly we were BOTH surprised)! :-)

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this or ANY Bunn machine to anyone with a love for a perfect cup, time after time. This die-cast model looks great on the counter, which I preferred because in other models, dust or coffee can get into nooks and crannies, and this base has no nooks or crannies! A little expensive, perhaps, but the best cup of coffee you can possibly have every morning is WORTH that!

I am not sure if I like the | 5/27/11

I am not sure if I like the fact that this machine stays turned on day after day. Is this safe? I have yet to brew a perfect pot of coffee that is hot enough. The directions are very hard to follow and not very specific. I initialized my machine, but then turned side switch off, thinking this was logical. After rereading the manual, I now gather that the switch remains on at all times. I'll try again, but I am wasting a lot of expensive coffee trying to understand this machine. :(

lisa@bunn (not verified)
Lamdex - Reply | 5/27/11

Thanks for posting. The ST is designed to remain on to keep the internal hot water tank heated and the water at the optimal brewing temperature. I definitely don't want you to waste anymore good coffee beans so please give our customer service team a call and see if they can help you. Please mention that you don't think the coffee is getting hot enough. The number is 800-352-2866 and they are available Monday-Friday from 7am to 5pm.

BEST!! | 5/14/11


THIS IS THE FASTEST, TASTIEST COFFE YOU CAN MAKE AT HOME, THANK YOU BUNN, we have tried many other brands, ones with the attached grinder ect... this is the best, I grind my coffee right before brewing, it is delicious

greatest coffee ever! | 5/14/11

finally delicious coffee at home, thank you bunn for making a teriffic home model!We have tried many other brands, this is by far the best 6stars

Little disappointing | 4/29/11


My last bunn lasted me about 5 years so when it started leaking it was time to get a new one. And for the price - to spend around $100.00 every 5 years for a coffee maker is a great deal so I looked at another Bunn maker for my home. The look of this STX is sleek and the stainless steel carafe if a huge plus, no sitting on a burner to stay warm only to get stronger & stronger.

I am however a little disappointed in this particular model. Call me spoiled but this particular model takes longer to brew a full pot (5 to 6 minutes) than my last home model (about 3) and the coffee doesn't seem to be quite at hot - even the first cup - as my last bunn. Actually, I can honestly say that my Keurig single cup brewer produces a hotter cup of coffee than my Bunn does!

I would have thought that with 5 years gone by, technology would have increased and the makers would have only gotten better but this model seems to have gotten worse. I guess I'll have to wait & see if the quality of the maker is still as good as far as how long it will last me. I've got my fingers crossed.

lisa@bunn (not verified)
cbenyi - Reply | 4/29/11

Could you give our customer service team a call and let them know what you are experiencing? They are trained at helping troubleshoot these types of things and could determine if what you are experiencing is not norma. Remember, you have a 3-year limited warranty and we are here to help. You can reach our reps at 800-352-2866 Monday - Friday from 7am to 5pm or reach us by email at