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dissapointed | 7/5/14


I have also been a bunn user for thirty years and until recently have been very happy always expected to pay a little more, but always got a better product. Until recently. Last year I switched from a velocity brewer to the phase brewer. I went through two warranty replacements. The burner plate on both units began peeling after just a few months. Customer service offered me the option to go back to a velocity brewer, which I did This machine also leaks periodically from the bottom. It also leaks coffee when pouring, unless you hold the lid down with the other hand. Now in addition to these things, it has begun leaking water into the coffee basket, or if like me you remove the basket and the old grounds, into the freshly brewed coffee..I have noticed too that it is beginning to take a little longer than three minutes..maybe five minutes. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but bunn has created the expectation of faster better...and at a price that would suggest that I am paying for a quality product.. once upon a time maybe, but not so much lately.
Customer service up to this point has been stellar. They have responded quickly and done a great job making me happy. So far. We will see. I am slowly thinking it is time to break with a thirty year tradition and purchase something other than bunn.

Terrible Coffee Maker | 7/3/14


My husband got this coffee maker for Christmas last year and we have had some serious leaking problems that seem to just keep getting worse and worse. It is leaking from the top and bottom of the carafe area and I cannot figure out why it is leaking. It literally leaks at least 2 cups worth of water every time he uses it. I am very disappointed in this product!

Replacing | 6/8/14


As many, I have used Bunn for years and years. In fact the one we were using was the one we purchased for my mother years ago. It started leaking around the base, so took a look and found the assembly to be simple. What I found was the connection between the top tank and the holding tank was plain worn out. Brittle and no longer round the water leaked past the connection, down through the machine and out the bottom. It is understood that nothing lasts forever, and equipment just wears out, but it seems that a better washer connection, one made from rubber that would protect the plastic better that the metal washer used, which conducts heat and over time ruins the plastic causing a common leaking problem.

Looking at other l reply's, it seems this is a common problem.

However, even due to being made in China, which I detest, I will give this new unit a try, and you can bet if there is a problem, I will be on here seeking correction.

Weak coffee from a leaking brewer | 5/22/14


I talked my husband into purchasing this coffee pot and I have been eating crow ever since. I said, we are buying new coffee pots every couple of years why not just spend the money and get a good one we will have for many many years! Like I said, eating crow, we have had this brewer for 8 months and for 6 months it has leaked all over the counter every single day without fail. The sprayer hits the grounds so hard and does not sit on them for any time which makes the coffee weak and if you do not get the over sized filters that don't quite fit right, you will have coffee grounds in your pot every time. This is just the worst coffee pot ever and I am greatly disappointed by it. BUNN is supposedly sending a replacement brewer because this is under warranty but from all the reviews, I don't think I will get a better brewer as there is a serious flaw in this design. Perhaps because it is Made in China, but who knows.

Company is as good as it's brewers | 5/21/14


I have used BUNN at home for over 30 yrs. and will continue to do so. There isn't a coffee maker company out there that doesn't have problems with their products. If anyone thinks their is such a thing as a company that can produce anything without a problem from time to time is not living in the world I live in. The difference is finding a company that stands behind their products, which BUNN does. I have had a couple issues during my years of brewing coffee but as soon as I contact them, their is a resolution. I am not exaggerating when I tell you they responded to my emails within 2 minutes to say they received it and by days end with the answer to my problem, whether it be a free replacement or to answer my question which would resolve my problem. Not once have they ever tried to make me feel like it was my problem. They can be very proud of how they take care of us, the consumers. So the bottom line is you have no worries if you purchase a BUNN brewer. They do stand behind their products. Thanks for making my mornings a little better

Extremely Disappointed! - multiple issues | 4/9/14


I was a fan of BUNN, up until now. I worked in the coffee industry for nearly 10 years and used BUNN quite a bit for their reliability & speed. When I left the industry, I purchased a home machine and was happy. At some point, there was a recall, and my brewer was replaced. Still happy. Finally, the brewer bit the dust and I bought a new one. We had it for a couple of years when it suddenly started leaking out the bottom. Having repaired BUNN's before, I quickly figured out what the problem was: a little rubber grommet that sits between the water basin and the tank. It had worn out over time and just wasn't providing a good seal anymore. Much to my dismay, this little ($10?) part is not available anywhere!!! I was very frustrated to have spent over $100 on a brewer that didn't last more then a couple years. I looked at reviews on your site and saw that many people had the same leaking issue. What I found most disturbing was BUNN's "couldn't-care-less" attitude in how they responded to these issues. I assumed these were a few very grumpy people, probably the kind of people who are always looking for something to complain about. So I decided to go ahead and give BUNN one more chance. Needless to say, my latest acquisition from BUNN has been less then invigorating. I purchased a velocity brewer. When I put the carafe on the burner, I noticed that it rocked, as if the burner or the bottom of the carafe was not flat. I put my old carafe from my previous BUNN on and it rocked as well, leading me to believe that it was the burner that was warped. I set up the brewer, flushed the system and turned it on. I brewed a pot and was set to enjoy my first cup from my new brewer. When it was done (took about 4 minutes), I went to pour and coffee dribbled all over my counter top. This has happened every time. I think the spout on the carafe is somehow malformed. I was getting really frustrated at this point. I pulled out my old carafe and started using it instead. No dribbles. Now, a couple weeks later, the brew time has increased dramatically. As I sit here and type this, it has been 25 minutes, and the brewer is still trickling coffee into the carafe. I’m so disappointed. What happened BUNN? You used to be the pinnacle of home brewing. Now my Velocity brewer is the Hell-ocity brewer! Obviously, we are done at this point. I will never spend $100 (or even $10) on your brewers ever again. It’s sad really, because no one has a brewer that could match what you once were. I don’t want a Mr. Coffee or a Krups crappy brewer that take 10 minutes to brew, but at this rate, what choice do I have? I’m a quality engineer, and I get it. A mature product line, no process improvements left to make, so cost cutting and reducing reliability (repeat sales) seems like the only way to stay profitable. Clearly, the retail market is not your biggest market, and therefore relegated to the “red-headed step-child” of the brand. Still, I believe you could be better. But someone at the top needs to care enough about coffee to make it a priority. I’m sorry, but our relationship must end.
A sad coffee snob.

Follow up to review of 03/05/2014 | 3/25/14


After my first review, I was contacted by someone in the Marketing Department regarding my experience with this product. After verifying they really were from Bunn, we exchanged information, and, after a minimum of additional contact, my NHS Bunn has been replaced with a NEW (NOT a "factory reconditioned") NHS unit, and my warrantee has been extended accordingly.

Just to be clear, I was required to send the unit I had purchased back to Bunn at THEIR expense (i.e. prepaid return shipping). I am very happy with the new unit, it is as advertised and worth every Star I gave it. Just as important to me, this company stands behind this product 100%.

I would have written this review earlier this month, but I wanted confirmation that Bunn had received my original unit from the shipping company.

NHS brewer | 3/5/14


Unlike other posts the decanter DOES NOT drip if you just hold down on the lid with one finger BIG DEAL! Otherwise the machine is and does just as advertised yet again another well made product from Bunn.

Very disappointed in this Bunn model | 3/5/14


Purchased in early December of 2013. Have had Bunn coffeemakers for over 30 years. This model takes forever to brew a full pot of coffee (on the order of 10 to 12 minutes), and has been this way from the very start. I even used the "de-lime" tool furnished with the unit in hope that something was obstructing the water flow with no change in operation.

Brewed coffee drips from the basket, NEVER a steady stream. I do not recommend this model. Very unhappy with this unit. I agree with previous review that the engineering staff took an excellent product and ruined it. I'll be hard pressed to purchase another Bunn. I feel like an old friend has passed away...

Messy | 3/4/14


This brewer makes a mess every time it is used. Bought this because Bunn coffee makers are supposedly the best there is. I thought maybe I just got a bad one but it is apparently the going thing according to what I'm reading on here-wish I would have seen these reviews before I spent my hard earned money-I would have bought something else-not a Bunn. And yes, we are using Bunn filters-we don't drink decaf, etc. I get up at 2:00am to get ready for work and I don't feel like having to clean up water and coffee grounds all over the counter top, the lid of the pot and the coffee maker. You pull out the coffee ground bowl and there's coffee grounds every where... Sorry Bunn, I have a hard time even giving you a 1 star.

Spillage | 2/26/14


My wife decided we needed a new Bunn coffee brewer. Our old one was a Bunn and she thought it was time to upgrade for our new kitchen. What a mistake. They changed the pot and the lid lets the water or coffee go all over the place. When you dump the water in the top of the machine you have to do it very slowly or it will spill all over the place. The second thing is when you go to pour the coffee into a cup you will experience the same thing. Leave it to engineers to screw up a good thing.They had something simple with no moving parts to ware out and they had to make it into a piece of junk.They made it so you must turn a lid to let the water go down.The old one came with a separate pouring container. All you did was fill it up and pour it into the brewer. I guess this was too simple. No parts to ware out or leak But on the other hand it looks good sitting there.Bottom line is I am glad I kept my old pot and container .

This is a new machine (bought | 1/22/14


This is a new machine (bought Dec. '13). It is a slow brewer - brew time is closer to 10 min. I cannot set the pot up at night for a morning brew; if I fill the tank & put grounds in the filter basket but leave the lid open (so that my teenager can come downstairs early in the morning & just close the lid to start a pot brewing), it leaks so that the water drips as it should if the lid were closed. We come downstairs to a pot of cold coffee. I am a very disappointed customer.

coffee pot | 12/11/13


Have owned several BUNN's in the past with no problem, but the design of this pot makes it so you can't pour water in or coffee out without making a mess with water going eveywhere. Pot should have been more curved at top edge. Will use my old pot and look at another type next time i repalace this one.

Great Brewer | 10/18/13


This is a great brewer. It is our third Bunn, first lasted about a year an began to leak. Called customer service and they shipped us another one, no hassle, and it lasted about 5 years. Seems like a reasonable time considering it is used 365 days a year. You do have to delime on occasion ( about every 2 months for us ). Great tasting coffee, and quick, combine that and good customer service, keeps me coming back!

Great Brewer and Great Customer Support | 10/8/13


Drinking coffee for 45 years or so and or the past 5 years roasted our own coffee, we have gone though any number of both cheap and premium drip coffee brewers, I can say without hesitation that the BUNN Velocity Brew NHS is the best brewer I've had the pleasure to have used. I purchased a very early NHS system that lasted until 2012, when one of the heating elements failed. BUNN's customer service gave us a very generous ($66?) price on any BUNN brewer we liked. Our new stainless NHS brewer is more attractive and brewed excellent coffee right out of the box.

I have to say that I'm at a loss regarding some of the negative comments. The carafe pours without drips IF you press down on the lid opening lever (under your thumb) while pouring. Lid closes well, keeping air off the brewed coffee. We also pour our fresh coffee into a sealed vacuum carafe right after brewing. Keeps coffee fresh and hot. Coffee not hot enough? Not with our NHS. Temperature of water coming out is a consistent 202 degrees F throughout the brewing cycle. Noisy? Nope, our Starbucks Barista brewer made more gurgling noises for the 15 minute brew cycle. Slow? I don't think so. Our NHS brews in approx. 3 minutes flat and is ready to brew another pot in under 10 minutes. Durability - our first NHS lasted over 10 years. Cleaning - piece of cake if following the BUNN instructions. Of course your water hardness will dictate how often you need to clean. Failure to clean a brewer (BUNN or others) will seriously effect the longevity and noise level you get.

Results of our experience: 8 out of 10 of our friends whom have sampled our coffee have a BUNN brewer today.

the worst coffee maker ever | 9/22/13


I cant believe how bad this bunn coffeemaker is, the temp is awful, every cup you have to microwave and it is impossible to pour water in it or pour coffee in a cup without a disaster, an absolute piece of garbage, I have had two bunn coffeemakers before this one and they were great, im done with bunn!!

Velocitty NHS | 6/3/13


Have purchased Bunns for years. After my old GRB gave out, we upgraded to a Velocity NHS with stainless steel tank and swivel top. It took FOREVER to get a pot of coffee plus when the water reheated in the tank it was so noisy it would drive you out of the room. Complained to Bunn and they very graciously replaced it with a new Velocity NHS. I was so excited to have a new pot that would be quiet. WRONG!! Right out of the chute, it was noisy and slow but persevered with it, running vinegar through it and rodding it out. That would last about 2 pots of coffee. Immediately the cleaning tool was bent and wouldn't go through to clean the pot (was afraid to use the old metal rod I had from earlier purchases)
and it kept getting noisier and noisier. I was embarassed to complain to Bunn again because in the past they have been so gracious to honor the warranties when we had complaints. Recently my husband got VERY upset with the noise the Bunn was making and threw the pot into the garbage. We went shopping and bought a new Velocity GRB model. It has been WONDERFUL--quiet, fast and hot coffee in 3 minutes not 15! Even as a disgruntled customer, we refuse to give up the convenience of a fast, hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning (and all day long). When this pot gives out, I may have a lot of trouble convincing my husband that we buy another Bunn. Come on, folks, get the bugs worked out of your product if you want to keep your customers!

My latest and probably last Bunn purchase | 5/19/13


My mother used Bunns for as long as I can remember and I've used them since I've been on my own. My previous Bunn had started leaking water and coffee from under the heating unit so my husband bought this one. You CANNOT pour a cup of coffee without it running all over the countertops...not drips but huge puddles! Honest to goodness, a $100+ coffeemaker and you can't design a carafe that doesn't spill everywhere? Yes, it's clean, and it's been doing it since we got it. I am ready to go back to waiting 5-7 min. for my coffee to run through with a traditional maker that costs $25. My older Bunn makers would last 8-10 years but the leaky one only lasted about 3, and this new one will likely be replaced long before it breaks because I'm tired of pools of coffee on my countertops. From what I'm seeing online, this is a problem with several models and has been going on for a few years. You can be cheap with a leaky pot but I expected more from Bunn.

velocity brew is the worse | 5/8/13


when you think of bunn you think of quality , not with the velocity. i had to return this coffee maker twice after it stopped workng and now that this has worked for a year i feel lucky . but i can only pour at 45deg because the thermus pot drips all over the counter . my krups worked for years and still dose. i will not get much more coffee out of this maker. stay away...

Needs help on this one | 5/5/13


I have owned a couple different models before I purchased this one but it has been a while since I owned a Bunn. I thought that maybe they would have fixed the carafe by now. You cannot pour coffee out of the carafe without spilling coffee without pouring extremely slow. I also find that the temperature is too low for this coffee pot. I have to heat up my fresh brewed coffee in the microwave before I drink it.

Don't think I will buy another one... I like how fast it brews but the other issues are not worth it.


Love My Bunn | 3/10/13


I owned a commercial grade Bunn pot for years, but with our kitchen remodel, I found I no longer had a spot where the large unit would fit and make sense. I tried other brands and went through 4 pots in about 2 years. (The last one leaked two days out of the box!) I found this model at a local department store and bought it. The quality is so much better than other popular brands (porcelain warming plate, for example) and the coffee it makes is smooth and HOT! And, the fact that I have a pot of coffee in three minutes is a bonus. Thank you, Bunn!