Phase Brew HG

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Glass pot | 7/29/11


Leaks around the plastic rim on the pot onto the counter or floor if not over the sink; then drips across the floor back to the maker. Helps make a good pot of coffee. - Doc

Phase Brew is awful! | 7/22/11


I had been a BUNN fanatic for 20+ first maker lasting over 15 years and then my second only lasting barely over 5 years. I decided to try the Phase Brew and what a mistake! The brew took too long (compared to the Velocity Brew) and the taste was not consistent...sometimes being very bitter. AND THE POURING! Like mentioned by others, the carafe rarely, if ever, poured without spilling all over my counter. I tried to give the machine a chance, but I returned it to Bon-Ton here in NY after 4 months for an exchange to an entirely different brand and I am very happy with my new machine. The taste is consistent and the brew time is about 5 to 6 minutes but it has a programmable timer so it's all good! It's not 3 like with the old Bunn, but my coffeemaker no longer frustrates me in the mornings!!! And that is major!

lisa@bunn (not verified)
NYFreckles - Reply | 7/22/11

I'm sorry that you did not like the Phase Brew and wish you would have contacted us before returning your brewer. Folks like you who are used to the speed of Velocity Brew will likely be disappointed in the Phase Brew. It was designed to introduce new customers to the delicious, smooth coffee that is produced by a BUNN coffee brewer.

The issue you experienced with the carafe pour has been corrected and I'm truly sorry that you had that experience. I hope you will give us another chance in the future.

Please share with your design team... | 7/14/11


First, let me say I LOVE my coffee maker!
However, I do have some suggestions and recommendations.
Please redesign the carafe. Almost every time I pour, it spills. I have tried holding it differently, pouring faster/slower, pushing the button to raise the plastic lid ... nothing seems to work. It still spills.
Also, the carafe is clearly designed for right-handed people. The marks to show the number of cups are only on one side. And, if you are like me and hold the carafe in the other hand, you can't see the lines very easily. Just a recommendation that you print the lines on both sides.
And, lastly, the clock is not accurate. It runs fast and continues to be further from the correct time (at first, it was a minute, now after 3 months, it is 7 minutes fast). Interestingly enough, my first Bunn that I had to return for another issue, ran slow.

I'd like to reiterate my initial statement, I love my coffee maker. I just thought I would share with you some recommendations. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best. Freaking. Coffee. Ever. | 7/4/11


I did my research on this coffee maker (Phase Brew HG) from the gods before I jumped head first.
I have owned a Bunn in the past and after 8 years it died. I got something else to "Match the decor" in the kitchen. Never again.
Yes, it can be noisy. I don't hear it upstairs when heating the water.
Plastic spout leaking? Nope, best pouring out of a pot I have seen. A little awkward to empty as you have to turn it completely upside down to empty.
Plastic taste? Nope, just smooth coffee.
Mess on the counter? Nope.
Color? Black/Silver. Wife would have preferred White instead of Black.

As an engineering note, I know why the filter support is welded, but it should be removable for full cleaning.

It appears that Bunn PR/Support are doing what they can for what I will call "New Product Blues". I have seen this before with other companies products when they are first introduced and can make or break a produce. I have not had to call support and hope I never do, but from my perspective, they are doing all the right things.

lisa@bunn (not verified)
DevConcepts - Reply | 7/6/11

Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback. If there is ever anything we can do to help, please let me know. I've forwarded your note on the filter support to our engineers. For safety reasons (to prevent hot water overflow) we made it permanent, but did debate this issue during development.

Phase Brew HG | 7/1/11


I took a "leap of faith" after reading some of the reviews on the forum. I also read that all of the "Product malfunctions" were taken care of promptly by customer service. I purchased my Phase Brew HG at Bed Bath and Beyond for $99 - 20% discount. My local store does not stack Bunn brewers (mistake), so they ordered it for me from the website (the 20% coupon only works if you purchase in the store). I received my brewer in 8 days at my front door.
After using this product for 3-4 weeks I can honestly say that it delivers EXACTLY as advertised. I have a friend that is a "Coffee Geek" that I purchase my coffee from. He orders and roast in small batches - (Heavens Hollow) - for those interested.
I can understand after reading reviews on the Bunn and Amazon site that lots of people who purchase this product are used to the "Mr. Coffee" type consumer brewers. If you understand the process of brewing coffee, then you will understand why this product (a) takes the time that it does to brew (b) lacks features such as being able to pull the carafe out in the middle of the cycle to pour a cup of coffee.
Pro's -
1) brewer looks nice and commercial grade. the filter basket is stainless steel, and the electronics (clock - timer), and see thru design, are very nice looking
2) product is made well and very functional - again, stainless steel filter basket, viewport into water reservoir with cup marking - so that you can pour directly from a water filter pitcher, as opposed to having to use carafe. There is a "backstop" behind the burner plate that keeps the carafe from sliding past the burner plate (very nice feature). Glass carafe seems to have a PERFECT pour. I have NOT experienced the drip / leak problems that some customers have. Spray head feature that releases the water over the entire basket instead of just the middle...nice!
3) Water temp!!! this is one of the MOST important features of brewing good coffee! This is done when the brewer is turned on and takes ~ 6 minutes or less. To extract coffee from the ground beans the water needs to be just below boiling (212 F). This water is ~200. The burner plate allows the coffee to cool just a bit, but not much - you will not need to microwave your coffee!
4) brew (steep) time - this is the 2nd most important element of brewing...4 minutes is the magic number, and this is what the Phase brew does.
5) Programmable brew time. This is a feature that I don't use, but is a handy feature for lots of folks.

50/50 pos / neg

1) made in China - there are only a few products that Bunn has made in China. This is an issue with some, but If the quality is good and it helps keep the price down, I'm for it!
2) 8 cup carafe vs 10 - again, this is good for me as I'm the only person in my family who drinks coffee!

I have purchased a Zerowater filter and have found that it makes the coffee better while helping to keep the brewer clean and the scaling low. I keep the brewer deep cleaned and the spray head clean.

This product is awesome!!!


phase brew hg | 6/29/11


I just found this at bed bath and beyond. someone ordered it online and returned it unopened, My gain as they do not store stock it. WOW what great coffee! I have been in the restaurant biz all my life ad this makes Excellent coffee. Who cares about a little noise! I got it for $79.00 with my 20% off store coupon. A steal! Went home and brewed away... Highly recommended!!...... Oh and looks Cool Too in my kitchen

Love my Coffee | 6/28/11


So there are defintely some mixed reviews about the Phase Brew. So far I absolutely love it. I love how it is programable. For as long as I can remember my parents used Bunn coffee brewers so when I decided I was "growing up" and ready to drink coffee. I bought a Bunn. I just recently purchased the Phase Brew and besides the fact that it is a little loud. I think my coffee has a better taste to it. And I don't feel that I waste my coffee now. By that I mean I don't have to make a full pot because there is no hot water tank. So I just make what I need or feel I will drink. The brew cycle is longer but I hardly notice this, I make my coffee every night and program it so when I wake up, Its ready. I have to admit the carafe does occassionally leak more than it should. But I think once I replace this I shouldn't have any more problems. For me, this coffee pot is great.

really disappointed | 6/28/11


tried it for two days and am not a happy camper. loud coffee bitter expected better for the price.

It goes back today !!



Ok, I know that many people seem to be complaining about the Phase Brew coffee maker. However, I just got my Phase Brew yesterday and I love it. Sure it is a little noisy and takes a little longer but the coffee is literally 80% more flavorful than any coffee I have brewed at home. Also, I haven't had any trouble with the carafe leaking when I pour. I guess some people just like to write negative reviews. :)

I also think it is a good looking design and l love the fact that it is programmable for early mornings. If you care about the flavor of your coffee, ignore the negative reviews and buy the Phase Brew HG.

Stoked | 6/17/11


I love this coffee maker so much I blogged about it. I like a coffee maker that lets me know it's there-- sexy, aromatic, a little noisy. Seriously good coffee. Not to mention I'm really impressed with Bunn's look, feel, and heart (the website, the packaging, the user manual, based in the U.S.)... the Apple of coffee makers IMHO. Glad to know there are still some good businesses stateside. Thanks!

Phase Brew HG | 6/14/11

I will take the traditional BUNN coffee maker which i think is the best. I never heard so much noise come from a $110.00 coffee maker that takes 10 minutes for a terrible cup of coffee. I would like to exchange or a refund for this coffee maker. Sorry BUNN this one is not up to your standards.

Ver Unhappy | 6/12/11

We enjoy coffee and use our coffee makers a great deal. We have bought Bunn for several years -- we will not be doing that again. This coffee maker is terrible. The pot simply will not pour without spiling coffee everywhere. I wonder what manufacturer allows a product to market with such a fundamental flaw.... There goes my brand loyalty !

lisa@bunn (not verified)
Dimmy - Reply | 6/13/11

I'm sorry that you are having a problem with the carafe on your Phase Brew. Please let me send you a replacement carafe. If you can send us your info at we will get one out to you right away. You can also call us at 800-352-2866 - Monday is our busiest call day so the link to send us an email is probably the best way to use today. Thanks for posting this review so we can try to get everything squared away.

BUNN HG Phase Brewer | 6/12/11


I was very excited about buying this coffee maker because of the BUNN reputation and the prospect of getting a real hot cup of coffee instead of the tepid coffee I have come to expect from drip brew machines. I read that this machine was loud, but I was willing to deal with that. I did enjoy the coffee, although I was surprised about just how loud it actually was. Unfortunately, I was even more surprised when the coffee maker completely stopped working after only 3 weeks.

lisa@bunn (not verified)
Very Disappointed - Reply | 6/13/11

I'm sorry that your Phase Brew stopped working. Please let us send you out a replacement brewer. You can send us your info at either or give us a call at 800-352-2866. We'll get you back to enjoying delicious coffee right away.

Thank you, Lisa | 6/14/11

Thank you very much for your offer to replace the brewer but I already purchased a new coffee maker, and plan to send this one back to Amazon for a refund.
Very Disappointed

Phase Brew HG is not worhty of the Bunn name. | 6/9/11


I recently (two weeks ago) purchased the Phase Brew HG. My home has had a Bunn coffee maker for the last twenty years and I was so excited to see that Bunn now has a maker that you can auto program and does not constantly use electricity. What a dissapointment this coffee maker is. I feel that I wasted $119.00. The thing is so loud and noisy when it heats the water, who would need an alarm clock, if the auto start would even work. It told me that it needed to be cleaned after about five days of use. The coffee is always greasy and scummy, no, I did not change brands of coffee. Still use the same brand as I have for years, same water too. The first pot was scummy and all pots since then. I have followed your cleaning instructions to no avail. I am so sorry that I got this one! The coffee it brews is not at all near the quality I was used to with the old model. Granted it is hot, but it does not stay hot. The pot is impossible to keep from dripping while pouring. You can not pour a cup with out it going all over the counter. The water guage is worthless, you can not see the leval of water at all. I can not believe that Bunn could make such a horrible product and put their name on it. I am very sorry that I bought it, wish I would have read these reviews first. I am taking it back to the store where I purchased it in hopes of exchanging it for a different model, or getting my money back. This is by far the worst coffee pot on the market. A $20.00 Mr. Coffee would have served me better.

Phase Brew-2nd one failed within six months | 6/7/11


I bought my Fiance the Bunn Phase Brew coffee maker for Christmas, as he was very excited about the fact that they finally made one with the Auto Brew/Timer feature on it. He has always raved about how good Bunns are. Well, the first one lasted about two months, before it started doing what so many other reviewers have witnessed - The carafe leaks a lot. We replaced it with one purchased at Walmart, for an additional $14. More importantly, it suddenly will not heat the water, and shows "CL" on the digital read out, meaning, according to the instruction booklet, to clean the unit, which we've done with this one as well as the first unit we had. It does no good, since the water will not even flow through it to get it clean, if that were actually the problem. I have a Rain Soft whole house water softener, plus an additional sink faucet filter for cooking and drinking water that we use to fill the pot. So, I can't imagine that it is anything to do with the minerals in the water, when there should be none coming from the faucet. After returning the first unit to the store I bought it from, they replaced it with another one, which has now done the exact same thing. the second unit only lasted about four months. If I had to say one good thing about the machine, I would say that it does make a really good cup of coffee; however, IF I can locate the receipt, I will be taking this one back to the store as well, but this time I'll get my money back or exchange it for anything that is not a BUNN!!! Totally disgusted- do not buy this crappy machine.

lisa@bunn (not verified)
Shawnsgirl - Reply | 6/7/11

I'm sorry that you've had a bad experience. Please let us send you out a replacement free of charge under the warranty. We will also send you a prepaid return label to get your machine back. Please either send us your info at or call us at 800-352-2866 Monday-Friday from 7am to 5pm. We'll make this right.

Phase Brew comments, few issues | 6/6/11


Theoretically, the phase-brew coffeemaker I bought about 3 months ago should be brewing very good coffee. And it does, a bit better tasting than a top-of-the-line Capresso grind-and-brew which was returned. I use filtered water from the tap, west suburban Chicago, through a 10 stage New Wave Enviro filter.

The water level is impossible to read. I shine a flashlight at just the right angle into the water heater to see the level. Should the water level be lighted?

The top rim leaks about 3-4 tablespoons of water, that runs down onto the heating pad etc. The spacing from the top plastic piece and the one below it, is about 1/32 inch at the front-most area. The spacing increases to 1/16 inch at the rear. The amount of leakage is worse when a full 8 cups of water is put in; less leakage when about 7 3/4 cups of water is put in. Is this fixable, do I have to live with it, or does it qualify for a replacement? Due to the other issues this model can have, I am a bit unwilling to lose this one. It's date code is HG 084610CH.

The water heating cycle is quite loud.

The water temperature is very good; brewed coffee dripping into carafe initially is 205 degrees, drops to 195 degrees near the end of the brew cycle about 3 minutes later. Is this temperature drop normal?

The pouring ability of the glass carafe is excellent! It pours very precise, no drips, from light through heavier pouring, a full carafe to to a near empty one. The pouring lip is quite flat and thin yet it does a very precise, drip-free pour; as with most spouts, one has to pour fairly straight. The plastic rim around the carafe impedes full emptying of the pot but catches most of any stray grounds.

The strength of coffee can be quite high if a coffee scoop is used, 1 per cup, and down to 3/4 scoop per cup, or 6 scoops per a full 8 cup brew.

The coffee is so good, I can put a few cups into a BPA free plastic bottle from a sports store, into the fridge and enjoy it reheated days later. Of course the best aroma/taste is less, but good enough to enjoy, especially if one uses a premium coffee bean that is conically ground just before brewing. I noticed better coffee when using a Capresso conical grinder compared to a Cuisinart flat burr grinder.

Disappointed with Phase Brew | 6/5/11


I recently bought this from the Website They had a good deal on this with a bunch of coffee. I have only had this for a month now and it keeps on telling me to clean it even though I have followed the directions with using vinegar and everything. It tells me to clean it then the warmer shuts off and if I turn it back on the burner stays on and the CLE does not come up on the screen. I wish I could return it but since I bought this for my office in Afghanistan where I am stationed it is going to be a little hard. Plus if I did return it I would have no coffee maker what so ever. The coffee makers they sell here are junk and make terrible coffee. I could just go to the Dining Facility and drink their coffee but if you have never had their coffee you would not know what terrible coffee tastes like. I do not have any choice but to deal with this thing until I get home. I love the coffee this thing makes I just wish it worked right.

Terrific Coffee Maker!!! Home Run! | 6/5/11


Have wanted a Bunn for years, but unwilling to take the plunge due to (1) no auto timer; and (2) water reservoir drawing electricity when not in use. This machine solves both problems with the phase brew and built in timer. Coffee is smooth, delicious and comparable to results from other Bunn products. The carafe pours perfectly, no drip -- Bunn clearly responded to reviews and fixed that problem. Would buy this product again in an instant.

Phase Brew Coffee Maker | 6/3/11


I have been a Bunn fan for years as I live in their hometown, Springfield, IL. I am glad to see they have invented a home coffee maker that doesn't use electricity constantly to maintain a hot water temperature. I recently purchased the Phase Brew HG after having used versions of their Velocity Brew machine over the years, and am very happy with it. I think the coffee is much better tasting using this machine compared to the Velocity Brew types -- I'm guessing that it's probably because the water runs through the coffee more slowly.

I have had no issues with the design of the carafe other than the fact that water collects between the glass and the plastic rim when the carafe is washed in a dishwasher, and then drips out when you turn it upright (as in when removing it from the dishwasher). My electronic display (clock, brew status)) is a little skewed from the horizontal, but it doesn't affect anything. Perhaps a small quality control issue in manufacturing.

It's unfortunate that these coffee makers are made in China, but the construction seems robust and they carry the same 3 year warranty that applies to other Bunn home brewers. I'm guessing that it would be cost prohibitive to make these machines in the U.S.

Thanks for a good product, Bunn.

Same great tasting coffee | 6/3/11


Upgraded from the velocity brew due to the Phase brew. Still found the Coffee to taste great. Really like the timer feature. I was never a fan of the constant heated water idea, but always a fan of the taste. I also had some issues with the carafe. It took two replacements to get one that didn't leak water under the plastic lip. I did try to get one of the stainless versions, but was told they were unavailable by customer service. He suggested I try Amazon, lol. The noise doesn't bother me at all, it seems like a small price to pay to have my coffee waiting for me at 5:30am. I also had it come up with the clean message 1 week into use. Strange since I use softwater. I ran some vinegar through it and havent seen the message again. Oh and the new design looks great in the kitchen. If Bunn is reading this, I would definately change the carafe style and possibly increase the capacity back up to 10 cups.

Making coffee is very simple. | 6/3/11

Making coffee is very simple. You pour hot water over the coffee grounds. Many coffee makers make it very difficult. The Bunn HG has making coffee simple and to perfection. It is a sturdy, well built. The carafe is designed so that it would be almost impossible to break it because of the rim around the top.The basket to hold the filter and coffee are impossible to damage.However, it makes great coffee, keeps it hot. Its up to the user to select the coffee they prefer. It does a great job on all coffees regardless of the price of the coffee.

Bunn HG | 6/3/11

So far, it makes very good coffee, but I really dislike the carafe, should have been one with an open glass lip so it would pour properly..

Phase Brew HG | 6/3/11

I mistakenly thought that Bunn built a quality coffee maker, just more junk from China! In the past month we bought three Phase Brew HG coffee makers, the first one was missing some parts, the second one made six pots of coffee before it stopped working, the third one last three weeks before it broke. Wow, can you really believe it, three coffee makers in one month. Certainly would never ever consider buying another Bunn coffee maker!!!

Changed my mind | 6/3/11


At first, I had only negative things to say about the HG Model, but that was due mostly to a drippy, poorly designed carafe. After logging my complaint with BUNN, they were quick to send me two replacement carafes that work perfectly. If this model were quieter, I would have given it four stars.

A huge disappointment | 6/3/11

This is my second coffee maker as the first one wouldn't not heat the water above a lukewarm temperature. This one will not old water either. The carafe spills coffee all over and not the display says "CLE" all the time and it shuts off after brewing, so will not keep coffee warm. That is after cleaning it twice - once with vinegar and once with an expensive coffee pot cleaner. And I use filtered water.
I cant' believe that Bunn could make such a horrible product. I have been a loyal Bunn user for years, but will never buy another one.
Inasmuch as their customer service has been helpful, I don't see the point in getting one bad one after another. I think that Bunn should refund each unhappy customer their money.

Disappointing | 5/30/11


The BUNN HG Phase Brew 8-Cup Home Brewer is extremely disappointing. The carafe is not plain, as it appears in the photograph here. Bright white lettering on the front and back. If a plain look is important to you, don't buy this! Also - more importantly - the carafe is not well designed. I wish I had read these reviews before I bought mine. Spills and drips at every pour!

I use mine for tea | 5/29/11


My friends were given one as a wedding gift but didn't like the carafe or the noise, so I took it off their hands. I don't drink coffee, but unlike any other coffee maker I've seen, the "preheat+4 minute spray" approach works perfectly for tea. I cleaned it thoroughly, found a reusable metal coffee filter with solid sides and a fine metal grill at the bottom, put my loose tea in there and set it inside the cone where the coffee filter is supposed to go. I place an 8 cup ceramic teapot where the carafe goes and I get some of the best tea I've ever had, with autostart and a warmer. Find an electric tea kettle that can do that!

If I could only adjust the water temp and spray duration I'd have the perfect automatic tea maker!

do not like my coffee maker | 5/28/11

do not like my coffee maker at all. i would never have gotten it if i only knew one how long it took to make a cup of coffee i can never pour a cup of coffee without it going everywhere ,it just sucks...

phase brew hg | 5/27/11


lisa@bunn (not verified)
sunfire0x - Reply | 6/7/11

Please let me send you a replacement carafe - that should take care of the leaking that you are experiencing. You can either give us a call at 800-352-2866 or send us your info at

Don't buy this | 5/25/11

Worst Bunn I ever Owned i been buying Bunn Pot for years and After this i am looking to get
a maker from someone else .. I am very disappointed

HG coffee Maker | 5/24/11

I have owned Bunn Coffee makers all my life. The last one was a 10 cup Home model.The heating element went out and I thought I had found the next great coffee maker. Boy was I wrong.I purchased the HG it is without a doubt the worst coffee maker I have ever owned.The only thing good I can say about it is you can program it for the next morning because if you don't you have to wait 10 minutes to get a cup of coffee.It is very noisy and it is impossible to fill the reservoir or a cup without spilling water or coffee on your counter.They replaced the decanter but that didn't help. It without a doubt is the worst coffee maker I have ever purchased.

Bunn Phase | 5/21/11

I REALLY have a PROBLEM!!!! I recieved my Bunn Phase as a Birthday gift. I was thrilled!!! My family has owned Bunn coffee makers for YEARS and was SOOOO happy to get a programable pot for my early morning commute to work. PSH! Fat chance! I set it up and it DOESN'T WORK!! I plugged it in, set the time just as the mannuel said too, i hit the button to start heating the water....... NO hot WATER!!! after several attempts and even auto programming it it will STILL NOT heat the water. It goes thru the process and all it does is flash "CLE" at me then shuts down! I read the manual and the "CLE" means to clean it, I followed the cleaning instructions and still NOTHING!! I tried to return the pot to the store because I have no reciept and recieved it as a gift they will not let me exchange it for onnne that WORKS!!!!!! So not only do I NOT have my coffee, but i have no Birthday gift AND the people who gave it to me are out $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad for the Bunn manufacturer in my opinion!!!

lisa@bunn (not verified)
Kellyk - Reply | 6/7/11

I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. Have you had a chance to talk with our customer service team? We will send you out a replacement brewer under the 3-year limited warranty. They are available at 800-352-2966 Monday-Friday from 7am to 5pm. You can also send us your info (including the date code from your machine) to

3rd Bunn and by far the Worst | 5/16/11


This Bunn makes average coffee - not what you would come to expect from Bunn. The carafe leaks with every pour, and the lip on the top traps water with each use. Each morning, water spills down from being trapped in the top. The handle ripped away from the glass which was only held on with a clear double sided tape. We are very disappointed with this brewer, but we are now stuck with average coffee and a leaky, messy carafe.

Phase brew | 5/15/11


I have owned Bunn coffee makers for years. I have always loved the coffee it brews and the speed of the brew time. I purchased this one when my old one began to leak from the inside. I am so sorry that I got this one! The coffee it brews is no where near the quality I was used to with the old model. The pot is impossible to keep from dripping while pouring. I hate just about everything about this one except the programmability. I wrote to the company about it and they have ignored my email. I wish I could return it but I have had it over 30 days and the store will not take it back. I threw away $100.00!

lisa@bunn (not verified)
Rshopelmt - Reply | 5/16/11

I'd like to talk to you about your experience. If that would be okay with you please send me your name and phone number. Please send the email to and put Attn: Lisa in the subject line. Also, could you please reference your username for reviews.

Phase Brew | 5/12/11


I give the Phase Brew a great rating for the quality of the coffee brewed....but I give it an absoulute horrible rating for the pot. Like everyone else the pot drips coffee all over the place when pouring. Fix this problem and you would have a outstanding coffee maker.

lisa@bunn (not verified)
ny304786 - Reply | 5/12/11

Please let us send you a new carafe so you can have a drip free cup of coffee. If you will send us your information by email at this link we'll send one out right away.

Phase Brew HG | 5/10/11


I'm sorry I ever bought the Phase Brew HG. The pot has leaked from day one. I called and you sent me a new pot. After two days, the same thing! You have to keep a sponge handy when you pour a cup of coffee to clean-up the coffee that runs down the front of the pot from under the rim. If I could exchange this for my old style, I would in a heart beat. My husband and I have used Bunn for over 35 years and this is the first complaint we've ever had.

lisa@bunn (not verified)
bakrboysgirl - Reply | 5/12/11

I'm sorry you'be had a leaking issue with your carafe. Can we give this another try and send you out another carafe? If that would be OK, please either give us a call at 800-352-2866 or send us your info by email at this link I'd recommend calling so you can tell on of our service reps about your concerns - be sure to let them know you've owned a BUNN for over 35 years.

Phase Brew HG | 5/6/11

I just wanted to let you know, I have used the Phase Brew HG for several months and I cannot complain about anything with the brewer. Makes excellent coffee. Makes the morning seen better to enjoy a "good" cup of coffee.

Worst Bunn I ever Owned | 5/4/11

The first phase brew was returned to the factory because when you poured water in, it all came out the bottom. I was sent a new one and now it drips water so I have a half pot of coffee before it even comes on.

Disappointed with Phase Brew HG | 5/4/11


I have always owned a BUNN coffee maker for the last 24 years. My Velocity Brew nhbb stopped working approximately 2 weeks ago, and I headed out to find a replacement. I purchased the Phase Brew HG because they were out of all other models due to a sale. I settled for the HG and I am very disappointed with my decision. When it heats the water, it makes a sound that wakes the entire household. When you pour your cup, "everytime" coffee spills on the countertop. I've never had this problem before. I wish I had the ole trusty model Velocity Brew nhbb BACK! I will NEVER purchase another Phase Brew HG. "OUT $100.00"