Phase Brew HG

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By far the bezt | 9/14/14


By far the bezt coffeemakerIhave everowned

Phase brew | 7/18/14


I literally grew up with Bunn coffee makers , starting in my parents'cafe when I was serving coffee to farmers at 5:30am before they headed to the fields. As an adult I only went thru 2 Bunns at home in 20 years then, 8 years ago, one leaked on my counter top so much it bubbled my laminate before I discovered the problem. The next one simply would not work after I cleaned it with vinegar 3 yrs later. I just got this "phase brew" and am deeply disappointed; it makes noises near my dinner table that my boys would not get away with. It leaks no matter how carefully I pour the water in. It takes too long for someone who has lived for the quick brew design of Bunn their entire lives. I intend to return it and try something different after 42 years of singing the praises of Bunn :(

Disappointed, messy pour, what happened to BUNN? | 6/25/14


My third BUNN, always have bought based on quality and reputation. THIS product is terrible and am very disappointed. The pot design, like SO MANY others have mentioned is flawed, it spills water/coffee everywhere unless you pour it VERY SLOWLY at just the right angle and speed. BUNN has always been about speed and quality of coffee, so this was very disappointing. Always a mess to clean up be it water filling or pouring coffee. My other brands of coffee makers were faster than this also, which surprised me, as again, BUNN is supposed to be the cream of the crop. AVOID this product. BUNN!!! Get this fixed, the countless negative reviews should be enough at this point for you to validate an error in your design and you should make it right with all of us loyal customers who buy your product. Redesign or augment the pour spout on this pot, first and foremost. Send us a new pot that does not spill!!!

I do not like | 6/21/14


I wish I had never purchased this coffee pot, but I had been an avid user of BUNN products for over 25 years, my parents used BUNN products and they just do not have the quality of the past. Once this pot fills up with water sediment it's over. There is no way to clean the pot and so basically there goes the pot. I am going back to Mr. Coffee for $30 and throwing the D*** things in the trash and getting another one instead of ever falling for buying a coffee pot that costs this kind of money.

Great cup of coffee with no life expectancy | 6/1/14


We bought this maker because it said it brewed a great cup of coffee. It was true and quite tasty. We were expecting the weird issues with pouring - and that wasn't a huge deal to us. Despite using nothing but filtered water and regularly cleaning the pot, however, it decided a few months back to randomly shut off and refuse to brew a pot - the "CLN" issue so many have posted about. Doesn't matter how many times we DID clean it, or how many times we DO clean it, it just decides it doesn't want to work and shuts off.
So, I go to submit a service request - no such luck there. It wants a date code - watched the you tube video showing me where it was. Yeah, it's not there. :(
Such a disappointment. . .

Not even one star.... | 5/31/14


I have the worst coffee pot I've ever owned! Please help! I have the Bunn Phase Brew HG. Makes a great tasting cup of coffee ... When you actually get some in your cup!! I used to think you might need an engineering degree to pour it, but my son has one and spills it everywhere every time he uses it! Come on, Bunn, aren't you supposed to be the "experts"? But that's the least of my problems! I don't have hard water-- not a lot of minerals at all in my water- and I am seriously having to clean this thing every 3 cycles! The smell of vinegar (ugh!) is permeated through out my house on a regular basis! It's disgusting! I trusted your name to mean quality and excellence. I didn't think I should have had to go and read reviews before making this purchase ... However, after SO many issues, I did go read reviews. By and large, the majority of owners of this model are disgruntled and upset over the very issues I'm mentioning. I will most likely never purchase a Bunn coffee maker again. As a business owner, if I put a product out there that was this bad, I would do 2 things... 1. Hang my head in shame and embarrassment, and 2. Do whatever I could to make it right with the customers who just spent their hard earned $100 on my product. Customers' homes are your #1 showroom!! What visitors to my showroom see is coffee pouring from a separate carafe after hearing how horrible the Bunn is... What they smell is candles trying to mask the odor of vinegar. I have never been more dissatisfied!

Phase Brew | 5/30/14


Great Coffee / Terrible Design
Mine has lasted two months before the electronics started shorting out. The display just will occasionally showing two lines then go back to the time. This started the clock to run slow. I reset to correct time and in a few hours its off by 10 or 20 minutes. Over the day its off by 45 minutes. You can't get the pot to pour without spilling down the side of it. We have been relegated to pour it into a cup over the sink to allow for the coffee that spills out every time. We have been tried and true BUNN customers for 20 years now and it appears (like everything else) they have decided to produce poor quality junk to expand the profit margin, just like the overseas imports do. It's so sad, what happened to american quality products, built with pride. I am waiting to hear what BUNN expects to do about my machine, I just notified them. It's obvious by the wide spread extent of problems amongst users, this product should be pulled and redesigned.

Same thing | 5/19/14


Min was a gift and and didn't even last a year. I only really used it in the morning, And this morning nothing. Turned it on and didn't nothing. Mr Coffee lasted 15 years and I didn't pay that much for it.

No problems, best coffee | 5/14/14


I've owned the Phase Brew HG for about a month now. I came to the Bunn website to download the product manual since I can't find mine. Saw some reviews for the Bunn that I disagree with and really wanted to post my own.

I'm a coffee hound. I keep my coffee beans in airtight containers and grind fresh every morning. I buy only freshly in-house roasted coffee from my local specialty store, roasted within the past few days. I'm a fantastic home cook and general foodie and don't accept 2nd best in my kitchen.

The Phase Brew HG makes the hottest, most perfect cup of coffee I have ever made in my home. I bought it because it was the only one of the three coffee makers recommended by the Specialty Coffee Association of America that is affordable. What do I care how much noise it makes, I want that water heated to the perfect temperature and sprayed over my coffee grounds. I've had lots of trouble with other coffee makers not getting hot enough. That first cup of coffee should be so hot it has to be carefully sipped at first, and it is.

I definitely have some comments regarding some negative reviews I've read, which seem to not only be incorrect but crazily excessive in vitriol. Here we go -- I don't have trouble with the clean light coming on excessively (not at all, actually), I absolutely don't have problems pouring coffee from the carafe into the water reservoir nor pouring coffee into a cup. I have had no issues with even having to be extra careful pouring coffee in either circumstance, I just pour normally and quickly like I would from anything. I also have no trouble reading the marks on the water reservoir and it is easy to see when the water has reached the correct level. Though the water level area is "frosted" rather than clear, the water itself is able to be viewed clearly through it. I don't have to have my coffee maker in a special location or orientation to be able to read the level, such as in direct sunlight.

I'm wondering if people who complain about the clean light are neglecting to read the manual and clean the spray head.

To be fair, I do wish the coffee maker could make less than 4 cups of coffee as I have a "to-go" mug that only holds 3. I also feel that I have to use a bit more coffee than in my old Cuisinart (which was crap) to get the proper strength. I haven't determined if the cup size varies between the two models.

I'm sitting here enjoying a delicious cup of coffee while I write this. Thanks, Bunn, for making your innovative technology affordable.

Bunn HG: the hot girlfriend that just doesn't last! | 5/2/14


My 2nd Phase Brew HG just stopped working........ in only 2 years. errrrrrrg

First the GOOD: Best coffee I've ever had from a home brew coffee brewer. Nice full and HOT every-time. Love that! Auto shut off and programmable start.

The BAD: takes too long (I know, part of what makes it so good is how it heats all the water then soaks the bean). Unless the brewer is in direct sunlight you can not tell how much water you just pored into it. When your making that first pot and your heads still a fog, this can be a problem. Coffee pot spout will pour on counter. Sometimes the bottom leaks. No shut off that allows you to pour a cup while its still brewing; hard to wait for 10-cups to brew when you really want that 1st one NOW.

I'm a coffee snob and have loved the taste of this one, however my 2nd one just crapped out and there will not be a 3rd. When the first one took a dump (w/n 9mo) I returned it to Bunn for a new one no questions asked. That one lasted a year before it stopped. I'm not returning it because I don't give 3rd chances, that's just bad business.

Honest Review | 4/16/14


Where to start...Well, I love dunkin coffee, tims, etc. I had bought a cheap sunbeam ( mr coffee) and it brewed ok. I used it for a while but just couldnt get GREAT coffee which i wanted especially buying the dunkin bags. What I got was bitter coffee. What I wanted was a store bought taste at home. So, I looked at the Tim Hortons maker, read the reviews, and they say it makes great coffee. But, upon noticing it was made by bunn.. So a little more research and I found that all the bunns I looked at brew at a certain temp and has a better delivery on the spray head. I figured they all must be pretty close so I chose the Phase brew because it looked nice, had the regular features of bunn, and as a bonus didnt heat ALL the time. So I picked it up at meijer on sale. Got to say, it was the brew I was looking for! BEST coffee from a home brew EVER! About three days later about my 6th pot, I seen a Clean message on the screen. Refer to my manual it says cleaning maintenance must be done with vinegar, and 3 rinses. Thats absolutely unacceptable considering after the 3 rinses, ill have about 3 pots then need to clean again. I dont have hard water, mineral content is low according to the city. Never had that problem for months with any other coffee maker. So I researched the reviews of this model ( which I decided I shouldnt have to with a bunn ) and low and behold, a mass of people with the same problem. To the point it wont work anymore no matter how many cleans! I called customer service to see if possibly theres an updated model to correct this and all they said was "did you try our velocity brew ?" . Unreal, so anyways, they said I could send it to them, ON MY DIME, and they will send me a new one... Well if your anything like me, buying a new coffee maker, then paying more to get a replacement is out of the question! I feel sorry for the people that are past the 30 day limit at stores, this coffee maker is a true let down!
Please read a bunch of reviews before buying this model. You will notice I am not the only one! Shame really, the coffee was excellent.

Terrible pot design. | 3/26/14


I've had my Phase Brew HG for about 6 months. There is a serious design flaw in the coffee pot. I find it "nearly" impossible to pour water into the brewer when filling it to make coffee or after it is made, to pour the coffee into a cup without it leaching down the side of the pot and spilling everywhere.

Also, when brewing coffee, at the end of the cycle, often the "clean" light will be flashing or the brewer just shuts itself off completely. It works though after I press the on/off button again.

I have never owned a coffee maker, cheap or expensive, that have had the above problems. The Bunn quality control staff must have been on vacation when the development of this coffee maker was in development, or they certainly never tried to use it! How could they miss these two problems???

I've owned a Bunn coffee maker for at least the last 40 years and have gotten good service out of them. This model is terrible and it makes me think the quality control of all their coffee models is now suspect.

Count me gone when my Phase Brew completely stops working, I be looking at other manufacturers.

After 1 yr. | 2/6/14


I read all the reviews before I bought my coffee pot. I was a little leary after all the bad ones. I thought that I would give it a try because I liked that it heated the water to the right temperature for optimal coffee extraction. It really does make a great pot of coffee.

My husband and I have been having at least one pot of coffee every morning for just over a year. We love it! Yes it's a little noisy, yes the pot could be better designed. Just remember to pour slowly without tilting the carafe and there is no problem. 40 oz. is just about right for 2 cups each. If we need more we make more.

Will Never Buy Again | 1/27/14


I've had a Bunn for 30 yrs and this one is terrible. The carafe won't pour without spilling all over the place. I'm going back to tried and true. I just hate I spent the money.

I miss my Bunn Velocity so much, HATE the HG | 12/26/13


First of all, I had a Velocity for 18 yrs with NO ISSUES EVER. Updated the kitchen and updated the look of my BUNN to something more contemporary. BIG MISTAKE. Carafe doesn't pour without dripping due to pour design. Water takes forever to heat up and begin brewing the now scaled back 40 ounce pot. It is VERY noisy when heating up the water and have to turn the tv in the kitchen to hear over it. Can't see the water level on the gauge because it is so opaque. Then on Christmas morning we brew a pot of coffee and go to make a second only to find it blinking CLE and the time letting us know it is time to clean it. We clean it every 2 months, but what it needed to flash was BROKE! Bunn will get me a new one in 7-10 days in return for me to send the BROKE one back on my dime. What? So they can refurbish it and mail it out to the next family with a broken BUNN HG?

Buy Something Else | 12/13/13


I bought this model after 6 mo. the heating element stopped working. Customer support sent me a new model for free. I just paid shipping on the old unit back to Bunn. A few weeks later the new model broke. I was really surprised that they had not fixed this problem. It appears to be a major and consistent problem if you do a quick internet search you can find it. Bunn should have stopped selling these units when they became aware of the problem. I wouldn't buy a Bunn again.

second pot no go | 10/27/13


We love this pot. Coffee taste really good, however after the first pot it is a fight to get another. We have tried unplugging it, turning it off. Neither seems to help. Has anyone else had this issue? Or know how to fix it?

Good Customer Service | 10/2/13


On my second Phase Brew HG (replaced at no charge) and I'm happy with the coffee it brews but noticed air bubbles forming in the water-level window making it hard to see water level. Emailed cust svc two days ago to let them know about this problem - received a response today that they are sending me a new machine. Didn't expect that since this is really an inconvenient cosmetic flaw and doesn't affect performance. Though the design could be better, I couldn't be happier with Bunn's cust svc. Thank you.

Three Strikes??? | 9/18/13


Unbelievable! First, let me say that I LOVE this machine, when it works. I have now had THREE of these stop working. When the first one stopped working after 4 months, BUNN failed to respond to my emails but Community Coffee, who I purchased it from, sent me a replacement one pronto! Thank you Community Coffee!!! Well, you guessed it, less than 2 months later that unit also died. Once again, Community Coffee to the rescue. Well, now it has been exactly one year and one week and Unit #3 is DEAD. No coffee for me this morning!!!!

BUNN, PLEASE do something about these machines! I cannot have received the only 3 bad machines and SURELY I could have received a good one at some point. HELP please!!!

Sitting here without coffee,

Great coffee! | 8/31/13


I had written a glowing review, but hit the backspace by accident and it vanished...the lack of a mobile platform to write a review was annoying too. But here I am, typing out my 3rd attempt to review this coffee maker because I love the coffee that it makes and I read all the bad reviews before I took a chance and thought it deserved another good review.

Key points. Its been brewing 1-2 pots for a little over a month now. No problems at all, no drips or spills, and excellent tasting really hot coffee.

The coffee is so good, I would prefer buying a cheap backup to have if I ever have to send this one back, rather than settling on a different machine. The pour over brew cycle makes all the difference.

Display is neat looking and easy to use and designed well, the buttons are covered so coffee/water won't bother them if you drip a little. The auto start is a plus, set it once and all you have to do is click "auto start" each subsequent use and your time is remembered and flashed on the screen.

The coffee is not bitter and tastes like coffeehouse coffee every time because this machine brews like coffeehouse machines (203 degree water poured over the grounds quickly). I adjusted my grinder slightly more fine to lengthen the brew phase, a full pot is brewing through the grounds in around 3-3:30 minutes instead of 4, and a half pot is brewing around 2-2:30 (too fast).

Quick tip, you can brew more coffee on top of whats in the pot without pushing any buttons. My fiancee and I both drink coffee in the morning, and the 40 ounce carafe is just barely enough. So, after she fills her travel mug and I have a morning cup I reload the water reservoir with 4 new cups and replace the coffee grounds and the Phase Brew immediately starts boiling the new water and will brew on top of whats left in the pot so I have enough to fill my travel mug too. Just make sure you have less than 4 cups left in the carafe or it will overflow, of course.

Phase Brew Works Great | 7/9/13


I upgraded my coffee making equipment when I decided on the Phase Brew. It was five times I normal spend on a coffee makers (I was a Mr. Coffee quality level person). I bought it as a Christmas gift in 2012 and have thanked Santa every time I have used it.

The best benefits are:
* easy to clean
* easy to make 2-3 cup levels
* consistent performance (every cup is good)
* works well (no break downs)
* brews the best Dunkin Donut coffee grounds ever

I would buy this machine again and believe it was a good investment.

Never BUNN so disappointed! | 6/24/13


My husband is an all day coffee drinker. We used to buy the cheap $19.99 coffee makers, but was going threw them quickly. We finally decided to splurge and purchase our first Bunn, which was GREAT! And several years later, we purchased our second Bunn, which was even better than the first!! My husband loved the coffee maker and it lasted for years!
A few months ago I surprised my husband with the Phase Brew HG. I thought he would love having his coffee ready for him each morning, seemed like easier cleaning, etc. At first this seemed like an okay coffee maker. It never brewed like the Velocity, but we aren't complainers...we just deal, but then the blinking "CLE" started. We have done everything to get that to stop, but it won' matter how clean the maker is. We have also done hours of research thinking that we have done something wrong, but no tip or advice has helped. We have a water softener and faucet filter and have cleaned the coffee maker several times and even reset the maker, but nothing works.
I wish I would have just bought the Velocity Brew and left good enough alone. Because of course I can't take this coffee maker back to the store...and can't afford to buy the one we used to have.
I would not recommend this product to anyone, especially after reading the reviews and comments, which I will start doing BEFORE I purchase another Bunn....if I even do that again!

service | 6/20/13


After my recent review here Brandi from Bunn emailed me and offered help.
I replied and a service rep called within an hour.
I am not happy about having to pay shipping for sending the old one back but at least I finally got someone to listen.
Customer Service rep could have been a lot more professional and at least act like she cared but I guess you can't have it all.
Thanks Brandi.
We will see if this one is any better.
Sure not impressed with all these reviews though.

Junk - didn't even work when i brought it home from the store | 6/18/13


I bought this coffee maker today and it didn't work when i brought it home from the store. Worst piece of junk I've seen. It's going back to the store tomorrow.

Will Bunn reimburse me for my gas or time????????

Terrible Product | 6/13/13


I have owned Bunn coffee pots for years and when I saw this one I decided to "upgrade". This coffee pot takes the enjoyment out of drinking coffee. First, when you fill it with water, the carafe spills water all over the place. Secondly, the process of making coffee takes much longer than the advertised time, which by the way, is way below the standard that Bunn has established. Third, the coffee always tastes different. Bunn should recall these terrible machines before they do irreparable damage to their reputation.



I have had this coffee pot for a little over a year and have HATED it since day one!!! My mother has always used BUNN coffee pots and they worked amazingly! I thought when I purchased this one I was getting the original BUNN. My fault for not looking at the box well enough. First the carafe leaks like CRAZY!!! It shuts down and requires cleaning WAY too often, which it did this morning. Cleaned it like regular now as soon as I put water in it starts running out, not heating! Makes my coffee weak and terrible!!! I have always LOVED BUNN pots but after my experience with this I will probably go back to Mr. Coffee!!

Terrible coffee maker and worse support | 6/7/13


I got this for fathers day last year. Within days I was contacting Bunn about the noise it makes and the leaky carafe. Got no help what so ever.
It only works half the time. Wants cleaned every 4 or 5 pots.
Now wont heat at all.
A $20 coffee maker from WalMart is more reliable and definitely cheaper.
Very disappointed with the coffee maker and Bunn in general.
Surely they can do better for these prices.
Wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Excellent | 5/14/13


I have been using this coffee pot everyday for almost two months now. Every morning i brew four cups for my travel mug it is flawless. I have not had a single problem with it. Its the first bunn i have had and i love it! Hot! Beware if you are used to mr coffee this is way hotter than that give it a few to chill after you poor. Good Stuff!

Stop selling this product | 4/8/13


Take this product off of the market! I paid $130 for this model and have been through 2 in over a year. Thank God BUNN has amazing customer service. After my second HG model stopped working, I called and they are sending me a different model entirely...FREE of Charge!

A-mazing! (Please read, as I address others' problems!) | 3/5/13


Hi, all! Normally, I only write critical I guess that's normal, since most of the time people only really care when they feel their money has been wasted.

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE this Bunn machine! It really, truly makes any old coffee brand (Maxwell House, Folger's, etc.) taste like it belongs in a coffee house; it's so smooth! With that said, I have had problems with the carafe leaking (twice) and my brother has the same one and his stopped heating when it read CLE (for the clean cycle). So, I know this sounds like a turn-off, but give Bunn a chance to prove themselves! Both times when my carafe leaked ALL OVER THE FREAKIN' PLACE, Bunn sent new carafes free of charge and without asking for the others back! Finally, we have one that works! It honestly didn't bother me a ton in the first place because the coffee was SO DELICIOUS compared to before. I just poured over the sink. But then I wisened up and realized that this company might help me out, and they did just that! Then, as for my brother's (a combined birthday gift from me to him and his wife - I obviously love it, right? ;)), Bunn sent them a brand new machine along with a prepaid UPS sticker to return the lemon! My brother is a very blunt person, very honest. And he has told me many times how much he LOVES his Bunn, what a difference it makes in the flavor!

So, does this particular model have some flaws? Yes. Does it make coffee taste like nothing you've ever had before? Yes. ;) Will Bunn fix ANY and ALL problems associated with your brewer IF there's a problem? YES! :) Have faith! Their customer service ROCKS!

Phase Brew | 2/13/13


I got this as a gift so I can not take it back. I would not recommend. EVER!! Every time we pour a cup more goes on the counter than in the cup. I have never written a review before but just poured another cup and am sick of wiping up the floor or the counter. hate it.

not happy | 2/10/13


This is the second phase brew coffee maker I have had in as many weeks. The first one just quit nothing came out and water didn't boil but you could hear it "click" on. This second one worked for about 5 days and now it is flashing CLE and the time. Unplugged it and thought I could reboot it because surely it's not needing to be cleaned after 5 uses? Wrong.... still flashing. So now I clean it...... still flashing. At this point I just know I have done something wrong to break 2 in 2 weeks. After looking at the reviews I see this is common. Too bad because when it is working it brews a good cup of coffee. I will call customer service in the morning to see if I can exchange again- this time for a different kind-no more phase brew.

Unreliable | 7/11/12


First Bunn... I liked a lot about the HG, Coffee Temp, brew time, taste.. all except the fact that it has stopped working with no indication. I've not had it very long. I've been using filtered water, it's not flashing CLE... it just won't heat and it's been impossible to get in touch with Customer service...

Time to look for another maker...

best home coffee maker ever | 5/22/12


i had this brewer for about 2 months it makes the best tasting hot coffee of all the home brewers i have ever what you are buyingit says its only 8 cups and says it dont have a pause brew all in all a wonderful brewer

UGH! And the search is on! | 5/4/12


I purchased my Phase Brew HG approximately a year ago, all was well until the CLE display started flashing. I did what it directed me to do...BUT, it didn't work. So I called customer service. I have to say, the customer service experience was ok. I was sent a replacement BUNN in a very timely fashion. I was so excited to get back to brewing my coffee, so with a house full of guests (all of whom are coffee drinkers), we opened the package, followed the directions AND .... NOTHING! No coffee, the maker keeps flashing the CLE and the water won't even run through it. I am SO disappointed!!!

I had purchased a less expensive maker in the past that lasted A L O T longer than this. Looks like I will be on a mission to find a coffee maker that WILL live up to my expectations. Sorry BUNN, you lost me!

HG | 2/26/12


I previously had a velocity brew GR. It leaked from underneath, and would oveflow on the filter basket and the grounds and water would collect inside the gap around the warmer plate. I would not purchase the same style or similar.

When looking at the other coffee makers on display, some of them are so HUGE and UGLY. This one is not. My teenage son thinks it is the coolest one he's ever seen. I do agree. It isn't huge or bulky.

I have read some of these reviews and I do not prefer the velocity brew over this one. It actually tastes better, and does not taste like plastic at all. I have no problem with the carafe/lid spilling. It takes only a few minutes longer than the GR. No big deal. The clock display is blue which is a nice change from red. I love that there isn't a gap around the warmer plate. I have never been so excited over a coffee pot! I am so excited
I should probably stop looking at it and drinking it so I can go to bed. (It's 2:30 AM)

The coffee taste great and the HG looks great! I have no complaints at all. I LOVE IT!

Second time around is a winner! | 2/25/12


My first phase brew quit working after on 3 pots, but Bunn Customer Service immediately sent me a new one, and it works perfectly. The coffee taste great and I can't detect any plastic taste from the water like other reviewers have stated. No problem with leaks drips, or anything. I've owned Bunn brewers for over 30 years and will continue to do so. Remember, the best tasting coffee comes from freshly ground beans.

Plastic taste spoils a great design | 2/22/12


The design of the Phase Brew is brilliant. The machine looks sleek, the water is heated to the correct temperature, and the newly-designed carafe (Bunn fixed a problem this past fall) worked flawlessly. And, it was a great alternative to the Bunn "Velocity Brew" which wasn't always friendly to users who don't drink coffee daily (Previous Bunn owners may understand the annoyance of water evaporating from the tank during infrequent use).

BUT.....the brewing chamber is made of plastic, and for those of you with sensitive taste buds, you will notice the taste of plastic instantly. I even did a taste-test by heating a cup of water in the microwave and comparing the taste of the microwaved water to that of the Phase Brew. BIG DIFFERENCE!

Therefore, I reverted to the original Bunn "Velocity Brew," and there is no comparison....the Velocity Brew provides a superior taste. End of story.

I should note the BUNN CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SUPERIOR to all of its competitors. The main representative, Amy, exchanged my brewer without any that's service!

Bottom line, stainless steel brewing chambers make better-tasting coffee. If you've used Mr. Coffee all of your life, you'll love this machine. But if you've previously owned a machine with a steel brewing chamber, you will likely find the taste of the water to be unpalatable.

Bad day | 1/14/12


After having the Phase Brew just over a month, I went to make coffee and it would not start, it kept displaying the CLE. Got out the instructions and followed them to do a deep clean (even though it shouldn't have required it for another 2 months). No go. Tried multiple times, even unplugging the unit completely and starting all over. Of course it is Saturday and BUNN "at home" support is not available. To add to it, it is a 3 day weekend. Good coffee but bad quality product.

Disappointed | 12/18/11


Thought BUNN was a quality product. Just purchased 3 day's ago. After two pot's the indicator flashed "CLE" it needed cleaned. Thought premature but did so according to the manual.
Has continued to flash the same "CLE" two additional times. When that happens, it also shuts off the burner. Return for my second cup and it is cold. My carafe has not leaked. Yet. Have no issue with the noise or brew time. Have not tried the timer yet. From the sounds of the reviews, there are a lot of problems with this unit. What happened to product testing before you release to the public. All these issues can't be isolated issues. Wish I would have read the reviews first. On my way to buy a different make. Sorry.

Chip W
I absolutely love my new BUNN Phase Brew HG | 11/25/11


I absolutely love my new BUNN Phase Brew HG! I am so glad I ignored the mediocre ratings of other reviewers thus far. The hg brewer is by far the best BUNN I have ever owned.

I drink a lot of coffee. Between work and home, I have owned several BUNN velocity brew coffee makers over the last 20 years, but always wondered if I was sacrificing taste for the advantage of the quick brew (with water being kept at the optimal brewing temperature in the internal water tank for hours at a time). So, I was so happy to see I had a new BUNN option with the Phase Brew.

First, I love the taste. I drink my coffee black/straight up. This cup of coffee is as strong as I like, but noticeably not bitter. The BUNN Phase Brew definitely makes better coffee than my velocity brew.

Second, I love the technology. The whole “6-minute heating phase + 4-minute phase” is true. Sure, it takes a bit longer than my velocity brew, but the coffee tastes better (did I already mention that?). And, I love the sound the hg brewer makes during the heating phase; brings back pleasant memories of my parent’s percolator when I was growing up. I have not had any of the leaking “problems” some other reviewers complained about; all I can say is grind your beans correctly, slow down when you pour from the carafe, and quit over-filling the top tank.

Third, I absolutely love the styling. The Phase Brew looks simply awesome. I love the details like the weight and substance of the metal brew funnel. I like the 8-cup carafe – I understand that the hg brewer is about taste over volume. And, I like a programmable auto-start option, since I never had that with my velocity brew.

Bottom line, the hg brewer is for BUNN enthusiasts who want a better cup of coffee at home, NOT for velocity brew addicts who are all about speed and volume.

I am badly disappointed with | 10/26/11

I am badly disappointed with this coffee brewer. I was excited to see Bunn make a model with a timer, but it has dissappointed me greatly. If I could return it I would. Unfortunately most stores won't take items back after being used and want you to send it back to the company. That is just to much hassle.
The Carafe leaks terribly, every time I pour a cup of coffee I have to hold it over the sink and actually end of wasting much of the pot. Also, I did not realize it was only an 8 cup pot when I bought it. I would NOT recommend this brewer to anyone. I am going to back to using my old coffee brewer and chalking this up to a terrible decision and a great loss of money.

The Good & Bad | 10/4/11

I like the "Statue of Liberty" image with both arms raised, holding coffee grounds in lieu of a torch. Beautiful stainless finish and very tasty brew. The first model which I actually won from Bunn worked only a month before the unit stopped working with the CLE light telling me to descale it. Returned the unit to Bunn and the exchange unit has worked fine since January 2011. That was the only major problem; minor problems include: Top drips when swung open. Realize this is for lower opening height but the original flip-up top is drier. Water indicator is dark and hard to read. True, the carafe marks indicate water volume but I fill the reservoir the night before and forget how much grounds I should add to how much water in the reservoir. The rubber seal on the top wasn't seated properly, causing a small leak at the front of the right-hand "pillar". I loosened the four screws, removed the top and re-seated the seal. OK now. Yes, it's loud but not obnoxious; boiling water simply makes noise. The carafe is the worst part of the package. It's very delicate; use stronger laboratory glass. It won't empty completely, wasting a tablespoon of valuable coffee in the "empty" pot. The Phase Brew dosen't waste electricity so don't waste coffee. Basically, simply toss the glass carafe and offer only the insulated unit and everybody's happy. Bunn: can you make me happy by swapping my glass carafe for an insulated one? Whatever, thanks for your generosity and wonderful consumer service you've provided me throughout this adventure.

Love our Phase Brew | 9/30/11

Plain and simple. It's just an awesome machine. And look at BUNN's track record for customer service.

Bunn | 9/29/11

Great coffee maker with leaky carafe.

Bunn HG Phase Brewer | 9/25/11

We've had a number of coffee makers over the years but never a Bunn. Won't list them here but all were respectful brands usually highly rated by others. One thing we've learned is that quick coffee usually makes for mediocre coffee at best due to water temperature. The phase brew method is unique but rather fundamental if you think about it. Heat the water to the proper temp then let it flow. Nice and simple. The build quality is top notch.. No cheap plastics, no flimsy handles, no punched or shaped paper thin stainless steel. Love the filter basket, nice thick metal with weight. Basically built like a tank even down to the power cord. As for the coffee flavor, in one word AWESOME. Like discovering coffee all over again. Summing it up, styling is awesome, build quality is awesome, coffee flavor....yep it is awesome. It,s even eco friendly. Congrats Bunn and thank you.

bunn hg | 9/19/11

this is the worst coffee maker i have ever owned it makes good coffee if you like to wait for it it leaks water everywhere very poorly built for a bunn i will probally never recomend or buy another one for what it cost

HG less than two weeks old has failed | 9/2/11


I bought this unit August 14th before it even hit the shelves at my local ACE Hardware and September 2nd in the P.M. it died. I have the Velocity brew which I love however it will not turn itself (the warming plate) off. I left for the road one day having filled my thermos with it and forgot it was still on. It could've burned the house down. So I went back to ACE Hardware and complained about it then learned about the Phase Brew HG and I bought it. It's been working fine even this morning, but tonight I tried six times to make a pot of coffee but the heating element won't turn on. Besides, it has a terrible leak during brewing and spills all over the place. So in the morning it's another trip back to ACE Hardware to see if I can get my money back, and I'm back to using my faithful Velocity NHBX but from here out, I will no longer use the pot warmer until a fix is made so it can turn itself off. I'm done with Phase Brew. On a positive note, I love the aluminum basket and pot. I wish all Bunns had that.

Makes Great tasting coffee and has a great design !! | 8/31/11


I love the taste of the coffee in the moring with this home coffee maker ! Tastes the same every morning and the noise is no issue hear because I know its making me a great cup of coffee ! Thank you Bunn !

Tony T | 7/30/11


Good; but it would be spectacular if I'd gotten one of the new carafes. I bought one that woke me up one morning when I poured my first cup of coffee. 3/4 went into the cup. 1/4 said "Good morning" to my foot. I said something to you. Now I have to decant the stupid thing over the sink. Where can I get one of the corrected carafes mentioned in some of the reviews above?
As far as the noise is concerned, it's no problem, and it makes excellent coffee.