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My Café | 9/14/14


I recently got My Café. Overall, I'm very pleased, and it definitely makes better coffee than the Keurigs I've had (three including the platinum, all of which were not too reliable. One was the commercial model for offices and motels, etc. It too died just after the end of the warranty period.)
I've very pleased except for two things: Maybe it's just a personal preference but I hate the sliding cover on top. I like a cover that lifts straight back. Then when it comes to removing the two tiny screws too clean, ahh...the instant I did that, one disappeared never to be seen again. Okay, who even needs those screws? The top isn't going to go anyplace and fits snugly. The covers for the K cup and ground coffee seem awkward, but I'm getting used to them. Haven't tried the other containers so far, but I'm basically happy. I get a good 8 oz. cup of coffee consistently all day long and that's what keeps me going.

2nd one still not good! -5 Stars from me! | 8/24/14


I bought this product on line from Bunn. I thought that it was made in the USA. It's NOT! This is the second one and it isn't working any better than the first one. My husband is ready to toss it in the garbage! I would like to give it a -5 stars. Very disappointing when you are doing your best to support American made products and companies only to find out the company is having the product made in China.

its junk | 8/6/14


I bought it at Lowes its never worked right . If you pour 14 oz you get maybe 10 oz sometimes, now it leaks, customer service says it needs to be clean its clean .it doesn't work anymore if you believe in your product give me my $159 back so I can purchase something that does work.

My Cafe MCU | 3/18/14


I bought the last one at my Lowe's store. It appeared to be previously used. I have no idea why anyone would have returned it. It works perfect.....very easy to use. I love the fact that I can use K-cups, soft pods, my own coffee or tea. I have had it for two months and have never had a problem with it. I hope you keep making them, because if this one breaks, I will buy another one. It brews great tasting coffee. I could never drink the coffee out of the Keurig. I gave two Keurig coffee makers away. I will never give this one away. It also makes great iced coffee.

Nothing is wrong with the computer, its the user | 3/3/14


I have tried to wrap my head around all these negative reviews. I purchased the My Cafe and haven't experienced anything but great coffee and tea. The ONLY improvement I would suggest is the ability to extract more of the coffee when using fresh ground coffee. However, I like very strong coffee. Other than that this machine is fantastic. I've had mine for 8 months and have cleaned it about once every two months or so to ensure its always a fresh and clean tasting cup. Got to love it.

Awful! | 3/1/14


I told my husband that I wanted a Keurig and he came home with the My Cafe MCU but he convinced me that it was a BUNN and it would work great. This coffee maker has been anything but great it is always breaking I have to keep the manual right next to it because I have to fix it at least twice a week it is so annoying. I would not recommend this product to anyone! I will be getting a Keurig as soon as possible!

minor quirks but i like it | 2/26/14


the k-cup leak when i first use it contact bunn about it they told what to do to fix it well it work for little time then it stated again.but not as bad as it was now it leaks when it starts but after 15sec it stops as far as the other attachment they work great love the unit it. makes tea,coffee very quick and 200 degree hot plus i use it also to make instant oats.....grits....soup.... to so if you are looking to buy one just hope everything works with no quirks its a great unit

Keurig should leave the market! | 2/10/14


My mom has a Bunn Velocity Brew GRB, for about 2 or 3 Christmas' now. She's always enjoyed Bunn brand items. I had previously used Mr. Coffee products, but her Bunn now has me hooked. So much so that when I started shopping for a single-serve brewer, I had to compare Bunn & Mr. Coffee. BUNN WON! I love it. Like others have reviewed, when using the K-cup feature, right when it starts, it seems that as water is entering the k-cup, some water will fly from the top of the drawer attachment instead of entering the k-cup, this does not seem to happen with the other drawers. I ran vinegar, then water thru it when I first purchased it. And I use bottled spring water instead of our well water, but I would easily use city water if we were connected. The brochure states that the Bunn machines are created to sense the minerals in your water--and that actually makes a better cup of coffee (doesn't like super purified water where the minerals have basically been removed). This is fabulous for me,- I love tea and hot chocolate and love having the versatility of this machine that lets me buy pods or k-cups or ground coffee. Soooo glad that Bunn made this machine! Advertise it more--Keurig users would flock to this hidden treasure!

Fantastic!!! | 2/1/14


I am a long time Dunkin Donuts coffee drinker. I will drive 10 miles out of the way to get a cup. We recently leased an office for our business and needed a few things (frig, coffee maker, microwave, etc...) I decided I wanted to try K-cup due to easiness and variety when having customers in our office. I bought the MCU on a whim and a box of Folgers French Roast. I impressed. This is a quality unit and the coffee tastes fantastic. The multiple trays allow you to use anything you want other than K-cups. Only a couple of small things and these are not complaints just saying...I use a measuring cup with a spout to add water because if you pour from your cup it spills all over so adding water can be a little messy. The height between the base and under the tray will not allow for real tall glasses so measure before you go buy a new mug to use...I went to the dollar store and got a real nice mug (see picture) that fits perfectly underneath and hold 15 oz's. I couldn't be happier...go get ya one NOW!!!

Over a year and a great purchase | 1/26/14


I was tired of chaining myself to drinking a pot of coffee every time I wanted a cup, so shopped around and saw the ratings on this model were mostly very good. The only drawback seemed to be the first cup can take a few minutes, No big deal.

So I bought my MCU just over a year ago and think it's a great product. Love being able to easily use my own coffee, and select the size of my cup based on how much water I put in. The initial warmup does take a couple minutes, but if you put the water in first, then do everything else, it's not really a wait. The only real demerit is that it could be easier to add water from a coffee cup, a measuring cup works better. Coffee tastes great from K-Cups or my own, easy to get hot water for various things.

I did read one comment about the coffee coming out of the K-Cup. I have found that if you put your thumb over the hole when putting the lid down, it becomes a non-issue.

K-Cup features | 1/16/14


We bought the Bunn because of the "name". We are pleased with it for k-cup hot chocolate; ground coffee; tea. However, when using the coffee k-cups, the mechanism that punctures the top part of the k-cup makes the hole too big and the coffee spills out of the machine and fills the mug not only with the coffee but the grounds also. This has happened on almost all of the coffee k-cups that we have used. We are not at all pleased with this and have tried various methods to stop the grounds from entering the mug and run down the side of the machine. Other than that, we are pleased with the machine!

So far so good | 1/15/14


I had this machine for 2 weeks now and really like how fast it can brew with K cup or regular coffee. My Only complain is that it's cumbersome to pour in the water. The 'Pulse' feature really make a different if you want stronger coffee.
I used to have the HG model and it broke 3 times. Hopefully this model will last longer. BUNN customer service is excellent. They sent a replacement each time though I decided to give this model a try.

Love this machine | 12/29/13


After doing exhaustive research, found this unit. Wanted something with a k-cup use, found this. Grounds, bags, k-cups, all of it! A 2 year warranty from Bunn, awesome. You will not be disappointed.
My only thing right now, it leaks a little when using the k-cup adapter. It might be user error!! Believe me, this is not a complaint.

Terrible Machine | 12/1/13


This thing broke 6 months into having it. Brewed inconsistent cup sizes from day one, leaks and now it doesn't work at all. So disappointing I wasted my money on this piece. I thought I was getting something great when I purchased a Bunn as I had always heard good things about the machines. I wont make that mistake again.

Get a reliable machine | 12/2/13


Do NOT buy the Keurig machine, buty this BUNN machine instead. We've wasted our money buying two, and they both stopped working after just a couple of months. You do all the steps their service department recommends, and it still sucks. Gives you about a 1/3 cup of coffee. You have to run it 3-4 times to get one decent cup.

My Cafe | 3/17/13


Four weeks ago, our second Keurig quick working for us. It was pretty frustrating because I thought that was the only one cup coffee maker. Later that same day, my husband came back from Home Depot and set up our Bunn My Cafe and told me the price tag. And I was thinking to myself that this must be a darn good one for the price, and lo and behold, it was just that. It is so quick that it amazes us. Now if it will last a lot longer than the Keurig, then I will be even happier. Thank you, Bunn, for a wonderful product!

MCU | 2/26/13


This coffee maker is awesome!! I have a small kitchen so the footprint of any appliance plays a big role in my decision making. The Bunn name sold me at first glance, but when I saw how versatile and compact this unit is, I wanted to buy 2! The coffee is brewed hot, not lukewarm like some appliances. I love the pulse feature.

This is a great value. For anyone considering and reading my review, trust me...I research everything I buy and this is a true BUY!

Best single serve coffee maker I have ever had! | 1/31/13


Better than I could have imagined! Love it for ground coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Great for k-cups also. In all uses, this is the best! Hot coffe and just use water out of your tap, great!