Basic Cleaning

Rinse the Drawer(s) after each use. Drawers, Drip Tray and Drip Tray Cover are top rack
dishwasher safe. Occasionally wipe outside of the brewer, including the Drip Tray and Drip
Tray Cover, with a mild, no citrus added dish soap and a damp cloth.

Deep Cleaning

Deep clean your brewer at least every 3 months. Mineral deposits may accumulate due
to impurities in the water used to brew. If deposits are not removed, they can impair the
operation of the brewer and reduce product life. The frequency of cleaning depends on the
mineral content of your water (the higher the mineral content, the more often you should
deep clean).

1. Insert any Drawer.
2. Open Spin Lid on top of brewer.
3. Fill Pour-in Bowl with 14 oz. white vinegar.
4. Close Spin Lid.
5. Place empty cup (greater than 14 oz.) on the Travel Mug Base or Drip Tray Cover.
6. Push Brew Button to cycle vinegar through brewer.
7. Run three or more additional 14 oz. cycles of water through brewer to flush remaining vinegar from brewer.
8. Follow the steps below to clean the Sprayhead.

Cleaning the Sprayhead / Seal

Mineral deposits and loose coffee or tea granules may clog the Sprayhead, causing the brew cycle to slow. 

1. Unplug the brewer and allow it to cool (minimum 1 hour).

2. Remove Drawer.

3. Facing the brewer, rotate the Sprayhead assembly clockwise (using your fingers) until the Sprayhead and seal are removed.

4.  Clean Sprayhead and seal with mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. A toothpick may also be used to clear debris from Sprayhead holes.

Caution: If the Sprayhead and seal are separated, they must be reassembled. Improper reassembly could result in injury from scalding water.

5. With your fingers, rotate Sprayhead counter-clockwise until finger tight.

6. Replace Drawer.

7. Plug in brewer to restore power. 

Assembling the Sprayhead / Seal

If sprayhead and seal are separated during removal or cleaning, they must be reassembled properly.

1. Identify the top of the seal – it will have rough ridges and the bottom is smooth.

2. Identify the top of the Sprayhead – it has a star pattern and a threaded hole where the Sprayhead attaches to the brewer.

3. While carefully stretching the seal, guide the Sprayhead into the channel of the seal. Make sure it is completely in the channel.  When properly assembled, the Sprayhead will slide easily into the channel of the seal and will not cause any buckles in the surface of the seal. 

CAUTION:  Improper reassembly could result in personal injury from hot water.

Inspecting the Sprayhead / Seal

When disassembling your brewer for cleaning, inspect the sprayhead seal for cracks, tears and holes. Although the seal should last for an extended period of time, damage can occur through handling.

CAUTION: The seal confines hot liquid to the Pod Drawer. If damaged, call Customer Service at 800-352-2866 or visit to obtain a replacement seal.   

Storing the brewer

Unplug the brewer and wait for it to cool. It must be stored above 32°F/ 0°C  to prevent damage to internal water tank.  If you do not use your brewer for an extended period of time, we recommend running two or three cycles of water through prior to brewing coffee or tea.