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Use good-tasting water. Any 'off tastes' in your water will be carried over into your brewed coffee.  If you can taste chlorine in your water, your coffee will have a nice swimming pool note.

From Seed to Cup
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It's truly amazing how many people and hours are involved in producing just one cup of coffee.  Take the time to learn about this journey and you'll appreciate every sip even more.

Brew Chart
Coffee Brew Chart

If you grind your own coffee at home or if you get it pre-ground from the store, this helpful grind chart helps you check to make sure your coffee is ready for brewing. For your BUNN brewer, you should be using coffee that falls into 3-4 minute categories above.

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High Altitude?
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Do you live in a high altitude environment?  If you live at an altitude higher than 4,000 ft, you need a BUNN coffee brewer that has been designed specifically for a lower boiling temperature.  All BUNN brewers that have a (D) designation after the model name are pre-set for these conditions.