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Carafe | 11/19/12

I recently purchased a replace Bunn NHBB. I"ve had your coffee makers for years and love them! However, I noticed that when I pour water from the carafe into the brewer, water spills all over the place. Same when pouring coffee into a cup. I never had this problem with old carafe so I compared this carafe to my old one and saw that the spout is much narrower. Just thought you should know about this little problem. Guess I'll have to use my old carafe as my main one. :(

Thank you

HG brewer and carafe | 11/24/12

I love my HG brewer. Have had it replaced once due to an electrical problem but
found that Customer Service was one of the best I've encountered. They, very expediently and efficiently, replaced it and am continuing to enjoy a wonderful java experience.
I recently broke my carafe, DUHHHH!!!! I turned adversity into a plus by researching
the possible use of a different carafe. I found that the Velocity 10 cup model NCD 50oz.
carafe is a better than perfect replacement for the original 8 cup p/n 42683 40oz. unit which
has a well known pouring/dribbling problem. No more problem with the NCD.
I hope this helps resolve some of the Phase Brew user complaints because frankly,
I don't have any now!!!!!

Best Regards,
R. S.

Phase Brew is JUNK | 11/24/12

I purchased a Phase Brew machine approximately 6 months ago. Within 2 weeks the CLE light began coming on and the machine would not brew. I cleaned the PB and would brew a few cups of coffee and again the CLE light would come on until finally after a month the machine failed completely. I read several other blogs indicating this was a consistent problem with the PB. I contacted customer service, gave them the serial # on the back of my PB and a new one arrived ~ 2 weeks later. I was told there were problems with the heating element and the new one that would arrive would be the updated model. After only "1" time the CLE light began coming on and then after ONE week the unit failed completely. The PB now sits in my garage. The PB is as far as I am concerned a piece of junk. The electronics and the heating elements are faulty and this machine, not only from my experience but from countless others should be pulled from production. Consumer Reports listed BUNN coffee makers as the worse of the worse for reliability. I tried to contact customer service several times after this but after waiting more than 30 minutes and still no response other than a recording, I simply hung up. The PB IS Junk. I would avoid buying this at all costs.

GRXB leaking | 11/25/12

I have always liked Bunn and bought this one. I am now having the leaking problem and my counter is always wet when I brew a pot of coffee.
I would like to know a fix to this as if I can't get it fixed, I will have to buy a chap coffee maker to make my wife happy. (I do not want a divorce over a coffee maker)
I refuse at this point to get a cheaper coffee maker.
Please help me with this problem before I loose my better half.

Thank you in advance

Reply-Dr. Cook | 11/26/12

Sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing with your brewer. Please contact our Customer Service team at 800-352-2866. Your machine is covered by a 3 year limited warranty and our customer service would be happy to assist you.

reply-drbeeker | 11/27/12

I apologize for the problems you have experienced with Phase Brew. We do not want you to be disappointed and can help. Can you please email me your name and telephone number to We would like to talk with you to learn more about your experience. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Bunn My Cafe MCU | 11/27/12

I really like the new upgrades to My Cafe...I've had mine for about a year now, and it's made my BT10 almost obsolete (almost)....
Will the new brewing trays fit my current MC? I'd like to have the loose grounds and K-cup trays, as pods are still a little hard to find.

reply-AJB1861 | 11/28/12

Glad to hear you love your MC! Yes, the new Drawers for the MCU will fit your current MC. The individual Drawers are not available for purchase yet, but will be soon. Please keep checking back. Or I would suggest joining our email newsletter, as we will send out an email when the Drawers are available for purchase. You can join our mailing list by clicking on the link titled JOIN OUR EMAIL LAST in the bottom right corner of this page.